E-Commerce this week — October 21, 2017

Hello, we’re back with weekly dose of E-commerce news. This week a lot has happened and Walmart and Jet dominated the e-commerce this week

  1. Walmart looks to see if virtual shopping is better than the real thing
  2. Jet launches its own private label brand, Uniquely J
  3. Ecommerce: Looking for Another Strong Holiday Season
  4. Newegg Creates Automotive Category for B2B Customers
  5. Black Friday sales timing may be based on trying to pre-empt Amazon

First let’s take a look on the Biggest Rival of Amazon.com are turning tides before the festive Season begins.

1. Walmart takes a look at Virtual Shopping

Image Credit: WashingtonPost

Virtual Reality has taken the world by storm for the immersive experience it imparts to users. The Real-life look-and-file side of the Virtual reality is grabbing brands to use it as a marketing tool enabling them to give their users a real life experience.

Katie Finnegan, who heads Walmart’s tech incubator: You need a tent for your next camping trip. If all goes to plan, you could one day virtually swoop in to your campsite and see any given tent in action. “You could unzip it, lay down, look left and right and say, ‘Oh, this is supposed to be a two-person tent? It’s kind of tight,’ ” she said reports Washington Post

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2. Jet Launched Private Level Banner, Uniquely J

Image Credit: Getty Images

In a battle of dominance between Walmart.com and Amazon.com, Walmart’s Jet.com has launched its Private Level Banner, Uniquely J. Since years Amazon has dominated the private level banner segment.

However, in the recent times the battle has been intense. With the launch of Uniquely J, Jet.com aims to capitalise on growing audiences that prefers price over brand.

Speaking on the occasion Liza Landsman, president of Jet.com said, “We’re excited to introduce Uniquely J to consumers, confident that they’ll embrace the products and soon begin to consider them essential to their day-to-day shoppingreports CNBC.

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3. Another e-commerce dominated Holiday Season Predicted

Image Credit: Business Insider

Similar to last year, e-commerce is scheduled to grow and out past total retail sales. The growth of the e-commerce is predicted to be 15.8% a slightly lower than previous year’s 17.8%. However, all in all e-commerce will grow.

The majority of the growth will be enjoyed by Amazon.com due to its position, loyalty, size and experience and it is Walmart which can challenge Amazon given the source Walmart has.

The biggest boost will the consumer confidence (highest is the 15 years) and the tax cuts which will be utilized in purchasing as the winter shopping extravaganza begins.

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4. Neweggbusiness adds new product category — Automative & Technology

Image Credit: Neweggbusiness

The top-tech focused e-commerce marketplace of U.S., newegg.com unveiled the new category for its B2B marketplace — Neweggbusiness.com. The category has currently more than 1 million products listed in it.

Addressing the media on this occasion CEO of Newegg, Danny Lee, said, “Automotive and technology customers are becoming more similar each day as tech continues to push today’s automotive market”. He further added, “We find there’s a growing contingent of our B2B customers who source products for their businesses. We’re here to serve those customers with our new automotive product category.reports Businesswire.

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5. Black Friday sales timing may be based on trying to pre-empt Amazon

Image Credit: USA Today

DealNews.com and BestBlackFriday.com both expect online shopping will continue to grow and more doorbuster deals to be available online and on mobile devices. Doorbusters are deeply discounted items often extremely limited in supply.

This is good news for those who don’t want to skip Thanksgiving meals and family time but still want to score some of the best bargains of the year.

In the past, scoring the hottest deals on computers, televisions and gaming systems required camping out or waiting hours before stores open.

Adding more deals online could change this, but luck and fast fingers are needed.

excerpts from USA TODAY.

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These are the major news doing rounds in the e-commerce circle which we want you to know. And if you’ve any suggestion do drop your suggestions in the comment section.