Are you planning to sell musical instruments? Here are the 5 most popular musical instrument marketplaces.

These are the marketplaces where music lovers turn to buy all the music related instruments online

Finding a perfect marketplace for your products is the most crucial task. So,if you want to know which marketplace is the best marketplace for selling musical instruments then this post is going to solve your problem.

Music is an important part of people’s life as it plays a key role in social and cultural activities. Therefore musical instruments also play significant role. Playing a musical instrument like guitar, piano, cell etc. will take you to some another world. For this, we need marketplaces where all musical instruments are available at best rates with better customer service.

Here are the 5 most popular musical instrument marketplaces:

  • Reverb
  • Second Life
  • Ebay
  • Pricefalls
  • Bajaao


It was launched in 2013 by David Kalt after he felt frustration while trying to buy or sell guitars online

Image Source: Reverb

Reverb is a firmly established musical instrument marketplace where musicians can buy or sell the instruments online. . The traditional marketplaces generally provided a poor user experience and proved to be more expensive. Therefore, Reverb is based on the principle that buying and selling musical instruments should be simple and affordable.

The Reverb Marketplace connects million of user around the world to the gear. It consists of thousands of buyers and sellers — from small dealers to large retailers or individuals, popular manufacturer to beginner musician, that is, this site allows to anyone. Reverb is a marketplace which includes the integrated price guide that help you understand the value of the music gear you are buying or selling.

According to Kalt, roughly $15 billion in new musical instruments gets sold every year and around $7 billion is spent on user gear globally.

Reverb marketplace

As there is no listing fees on reverb, you can reach million of users. Selling on Reverb is just a simple process. You can apply on reverb from here. You just have to fill the information under What are you selling? , What does it look like? , How would you describe it? , How will you ship it?

Second Life

Second Life marketplace is developed by San Francisco and launched in 2003.

Image Credit: Second Life

The Second Life marketplace is another online musical instrument marketplace where you can sell or buy the musical instruments.

By 2013, the Second Life had approx 1 million regular users.

The Second Life users create virtual representation of themselves called avatar. In order to become a seller, first you have to create your account at . You can also apply from here. After login your account you can create your own store to sell on this marketplace.


Ebay is a marketplace which connect million of buyers and sellers around the world.

Image Source: ebay

It is a multinational e-commerce corporation, headquartered in San Jose, California. Ebay is also popular for its musical instruments. No matter what kind of musical instruments you are looking for, ebay is fully-stocked musical equipment store.

Ebay Marketplace

Ebay offers sellers a number of different ways to specify the details of the product they offer. Ebay has lower seller fees which lowers the product price. Getting started to sell on ebay is entirely a simple task. For this, you have to visit or you can also click here.


The main goal of the Pricefalls is to build customer trust and inspiring the customers to come back to the Pricefalls again and again

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Another musical instrument marketplace is Pricefalls,established in 2009. Pricefalls is the only U.S. marketplace which share direct marketing rights with all of its sellers. .

Pricefalls act as a sales channel for small businesses to present their products to a vast audience. In order to sell on pricefalls, you have to create your account or you can click here.

Bajaao is India’s largest and leading online musical instrument marketplace.


It was started in 2005 founded by Ashutosh Pande, a professional experienced in e-commerce technologies and having keen interest in music. He started the using a simple business plan. is best known for its customer service.

The goal of Bajaao marketplace is to cover each and every aspects of music industry including music production, creation, education etc. Bajaao has become the one of the most trusted marketplace. Bajaao has worked with many brands like Sony music, Walt Disney, Pepsi MTV Indies and many more.

Bajaao Marketplace

Therefore, the musical instrument marketplace is the requisite of the people whether for selling or purchasing. There are many marketplaces present which are gaining popularity in the market like reverb, ebay, bajaao and so on for their musical equipments.

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