In jail, without no bail

Dear Friend,

Many moons ago I had a boss in Army recruiting that said, “If you can’t find an Alpha, you better make one.”

A definition is in order here.

Alpha — A male or female either in high school or a graduate of high school who scores a 50 or higher on the ASVAB (test you take to join the military). A 50 on the test is like making an A in school.


So I had a few people who wanted to join but they were overweight. They did not meet the height and weight requirements for the military. Ok. So to “make one” as my station commander put it, I had to get these individuals to lose weight.

So how did I do that?


Here was the routine I came up with.

Monday — Friday: Workout with Alpha’s 0600 and again at 1800.

Saturday and Sunday: Workout with Alpha’s 0600, 1200, and again at 1800.

After this routine, I was able to get these Alpha’s down to the required weight to join the Army.

Well, one night I’m getting off work after having worked out with my Alpha. I’m dressed in my Army Physical Fitness Uniform. It’s cold so I had on black trouser, gray T-shirt, and I put my black gloves and black Army hat in the back seat. As I’m driving down FM 1960 in Houston to get home I pull over to take a nap. I’m sleepy and figure I better pull over because I might not make it home.

I pull over behind a large office building and close my eyes. About five minutes pass and a cop car pulls up behind me with the lights flashing. I’m irritated thinking what did I do now?

The cop gets out and shines the light in my face. “License and registration.”

I look at him as I hand over my license and registration. I ask what’s up?

He takes my license and registration in his hand and shines the light back inside the car. He asks, “Why you pull over behind an office building in the middle of the night.”

I tell him I’m just getting off work and I’m tired. I didn’t think I could make it home so I pulled over to take a nap.

He shines the light on me and asks, “Why are you dressed in black?”

He shines the light in my backseat and says, “Black gloves, black hat, and you wearing black pants…Not looking good.”

I’m really irritated at this point. I say You know what? I need a day off. Take me to jail.

He laughs and says, “You wish you were that lucky.”

He hands my license and registration back and says, “I’m going to let you off with a warning. But in the future when you get tired, find somewhere other than behind an office building to take a nap. You could get robbed.”

I tell him thank you. Even though back then going to jail would have been better than spending another day pounding phones and pounding the pavement to find people to join the Army.

For some reason, I was wide awake now and was able to drive home to Spring, Tx with no problem.

Just another day in the life of Crum. Stay cool.

P.S. I put a lot of people in the Army with this workout routine. I could’ve started P90X. People would lose a pound a day. Funny thing was some people didn’t even diet. The workout was enough to drop the weight.

P.P.S. If you are a recruiter or know someone that’s a recruiter, be sure to check out Proven Sales and Recruiting Methods.