The last six weeks have been an interesting time for filings. Most notably, newcomer Pacific Global Trust has filed for three funds, while First Trust filed for a raft of ETFs, as has Innovator ETFs. It should be noted that the roster of Innovator ETF filings includes one for an unprecedented product.

Firms With Multiple Filings

Innovator has been working to expand its lineup of ETFs, with filings for fixed income products and more defined outcome funds. The Innovator PTAM MBS ETF will be actively managed and invest in prime, subprime and Alt-A mortgage-backed securities, while the Innovator…

FinTech Futures, 15th July 2019

You could argue that an asset’s right of passage to the commodity world is becoming an exchange traded fund (ETF). If true, diamonds might be the next asset to become financially tradable.

Several developments in the past year point to this and open up the prospect of multiple trading and investment strategies on diamonds, actually turning them into a genuine financial asset. For instance, one of such recent developments is the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority’s (an authorised Benchmark Administrator under the European Benchmark Regulation, EBR) approval of the four investable polished diamond indices: USD Composite…

The Ethereum Foundation is a nonprofit worldwide team of developers dedicated to building and growing the Ethereum ecosystem. Over the past few weeks, the Ethereum Foundation has come out revealing its plans for how it’s going to support Ethereum throughout the next year.

Surprisingly enough, one of the largest changes they mention is an attitude change. Rather than having an addition mindset, the Foundation is moving towards a subtraction mindset. In the announcement. the Foundation went on to say “The Ethereum Foundation succeeds if Ethereum succeeds, and Ethereum succeeds with a strong decentralized community. That understanding governs how we work.”

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After months of constant downward price action, many well-respected cryptocurrency analysts are taking to Twitter and social media to say why they believe the bear market is officially over.

Willy Woo is a well-known cryptocurrency twitter account and posted some reasons why he the suspect’s end of the crypto winter could be in. Woo initially commented on how Bitcoin just crossed the 200 Day moving average for the first time in a while.

In Bitcoin’s 10+ years of history, after crossing the 200 Day moving average for an extended period of time (around 6–8 weeks) it has gone on to…

If you’re involved in the cryptocurrency world, you’ve probably heard the word fungibility thrown around a few times.

But you may be wondering… what exactly is it?

Fungibility can be best described as a property of money, good, or commodity, which measures the level in which individual units are indistinguishable from another. Depending on who you’re asking, fungibility can be a good or a bad thing.

Fungibility in Fiat Currency

Fiat currencies aren’t exactly fungible. To the everyday person, all legal tender is completely interchangeable with another legal tender. However, fiat currencies come with serial numbers allowing the government to…

For the first time in history, CEDEX is making it possible to trade diamonds like any other financial asset class. This is all made possible through blockchain technology, which solves the main issues of liquidity, transparency, and standardization.

You might be wondering, why has CEDEX gone through all of this effort? Diamonds are a very underutilized asset class and investment. Similarly to gold, there is a very high cost to excavating the resource causing it to act as an outstanding store of value.

Another factor that derives the value of these assets is their use cases. Gold is used 20%…

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies price increase a significant amount. This is the largest increase we’ve seen in a while and hints towards a possible end to an almost two year bear market. While it’s impossible to say for sure what lies ahead, there are a few ways to educate yourself about an assets possible upcoming price movement.

Technical Analysis

Technical analysis can be best explained as a method of price discovery that takes a look at statistical trends in data. …

When most people think of cryptocurrencies, often what comes to mind are their complex code and all their different functionalities. However, one of their most valuable and overlooked use cases are their use as a store of value and protection against inflation. Inflation can be best explained as a measure of the purchasing power a monetary unit has over time.

The reason this use case is so often overlooked is that in most countries (I’m looking at you United States), citizens don’t have to worry about the value of their currency. …

ETFs (exchange traded funds) have received a lot of talk in cryptocurrency markets over the past few years. While most who are involved in traditional finance are aware of what ETFs entail, this post will take the time to introduce them to cryptocurrencies new class of investors. ETFs can be most easily explained by learning about index and mutual funds first.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are a collection of stocks, bonds, currencies, futures, and treasuries that are professionally managed. …

You’ve heard it before: beware of the risks of crypto investment. A lowered barrier to entry and a very narrow exit. Illiquid and uninsured investments in intangible assets. Risks of social engineering and misinformation. And more. The crypto market is risky, volatile and unpredictable — not exactly the stable environment for your next best investment.

Or is it?

Risk = reward?

Growing up, the phrase, “no pain, no gain,” was common rhetoric. Beauty required painful effort, academic achievement required painstaking all-nighters and professional success required embarrassing vulnerability and at times, degrading rejection. These days, the same can be said for many lucrative investment…


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