Facebook Live: What to Know ?

Facebook has steadily been releasing Live over the last several months. It came out in August 2015 for verified public figures through the iOS Mentions app. Early in December, Live become available to select people on their personal profiles and then to all verified Facebook pages.

You can broadcast Facebook Live through your profile or through the Mentions app. To broadcast through your profile, tap to update your status and click the Live icon.

Next, write a quick description in the status update (this is your title). The description is what will go out in the news feed and in notifications.

Just like with your other personal status updates, you may also want to choose the audience before going live. Select friends only, a specific friends list or public. Then tap Go Live.

You can point the camera at yourself or outward to capture your surroundings.

During the broadcast, you’ll see the number of live viewers, which friends are tuning in and comments in real time.