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We Rent- Install Beautiful Christmas Lights, so You don’t have to do it yourself. We serve El Paso Texas, Las Cruces NM and Alamogordo NM Area.

We know that time availability to hung Christmas lights is almost nonexistent for our customers, modern life obligations leave most with any time to allocate for the time-consuming task of hanging Christmas Lights.

But even if you could allocate some time for this activity, it is better for you to leave it to us, the professionals, because Hanging Christmas lights is a dangerous task! Just google Holiday data and statistic and You will find “ About 5,800 individuals are treated annually in hospital emergency rooms for injuries sustained from falls involving holiday decorations.”

Christmas Lights Installation el Paso, we are the best Christmas Lights Installer company serving El Paso Tx and Las Cruces NM, let get us involved and You won’t regret it, on the contrary, You will love the results!

Our Ph# is 915 228 4747 send us a message or an email to with a photo

containing all the front part of your Home along with your name and address and we will perform a free estimate for you with several options.

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Christmas customs: The Nativity Scene- its origins

Let’s start today with Christmas ornaments. The two main are the Nativity Scene and the Christmas tree. The first is the oldest and clearer Christian tradition, because it is St. Francis of Assisi who, on Christmas Eve of the 1223, dedicates the custom of staging the birth of the Lord. In a cave of Monte-Ceroe, near the castle of Greccio in Umbria, he arranged a crib of straw and put a picture of the baby Jesus, which brought with it a living the ox and donkey in. Since then, in the monasteries of the seraphic order the practice of representing the Bethlehem-portal for Christmas was common, which was soon imitated by the faithful people. In the course of time they added characters and other elements so that the scenes of birth became a whole art that took off in this Naples, Spain and India.

If You would like to bring the Professional Christmas Lights Installation service company to the city of El Paso or Las Cruces , send an email to the email above. We hang Christmas Lights at El paso and las Cruces.

Best Christmas Lights Installers in el Paso and Las Cruces.

Elements of The Nativity Scene

The essential core of the crib-and that is enough to bring it together-Jesus, Mary and Josef, who are the protagonists of Christmas. Beef or cow and donkey or mole are usually inevitable, although they, like the other elements, are not essential. The Angels are also part of the birth because they sang the Gloria in Excellence on the first Christmas Eve and proclaimed the great news to the shepherds. They are also represented with their herds, will love the child. The magicians are not missing, and in the most elaborate lulls they dive with their traveling animals and their surroundings. In short, sometimes the Christmas scene is inserted into a monumental frame and is not only the portal or the cave in which Jesus was born, but represented the whole city of Bethlehem with customs scenes.

When to mount The Nativity Set

The time to begin assembling the When to mount The Nativity Set varies depending on local or family use. There are those who put it on the day of the Immaculate. Others are waiting at the beginning of a ninth of the birth (December 16); Others, in short, prepare it on the fourth Advent Sunday or even on the day of the Christmas vigil.

Usually, most members are set, except the Bebe Jesus and the 3 Kings. At midnight from 24 to 25 December or after the return of the mass of the rooster, Jesus will be placed, only on the night of Epiphany, from 5 to 6 January, using the accompanying figures.

The time to remove the Nativity Set is also variable: On 13 January, the feast of the Baptism of Jesus Christ (old Octave of Epiphany) or even on February 2, the feast of Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the representation of the Child in the Temple (Candelaria day ).

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