Cedilla Locker

2 min readJul 24, 2022

Lock your Liquidity LP/Tokens on BSC Network

What is it?

With this DApp, we can easily lock tokens on Binance Smart Chain. By connecting your Metamask wallet, you can transfer any token or LP you want to our contract within seconds. The tokens you transfer to our contract are ready for withdrawal when the lock period you selected expires.

Create New Lock

You need the metamask wallet to be able to make a new lock. It is very easy to lock the tokens in your wallet. You can also watch our guide video for this. Enter the contract address of the asset you want to lock in our tool and enter the “amount” and “time” of your choice with the “New Lock” option. First, click the “Approve” button and wait for the transaction to be confirmed. Then click the “Lock” button. Check the confirmation of the transaction again. That’s it!

Vault Info & Certificate

Click the “back” button to access the certificate of the locked token. Or enter the contract address from the “Explore lock” page and view the details of the vault. This page is a decentralized document created by the Cedilla Locker application that shows that you have locked the token. You can share this document with your investors. In the content of the document, the ratio of the locked amount of the token to the total supply is given. It also includes the time to unlock.

Extend Lock Time

What you need to do to extend the lock time is very simple. Just go to the “Vault” page that belongs to you and click the “Extend” button. Enter the time you want to extend and wait for the transaction to be confirmed. That’s it! But note this: A vault that has expired cannot be extended. In this case you have to “withdraw”. Then you can lock it again.

Warnings and disclaimers

Cedilla is not responsible for any problems that may occur in the “Locker” application for reasons beyond its control. None of the information on our site is investment advice. The case of any problem in the network where our contract works is out of Cedilla’s responsibility.

What if something extraordinary happens on the site?

Do not panic if the website crashes, etc. Your funds are safe. Our DApp works with verified contract. Our contract address is given below. You can follow the status of your vault by going to our contract address on bscscan.com and you can use the “Lock”, “Withdraw”, “Extend” functions and all other functions through the browser.

CedillaLocker : 0x3B25cC8838EeDF7752968bA1015263336082e611




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