Swissnex SF invited me to talk about my life without a home and just 64 things. I talk about why living with less is making me happier than I’ve ever been before and how I went from owning many hundred things to just 64.

Video Transcript:

Tonight I am still in San Francisco. It’s Friday night, the night before Fleet Week and I am at a place called Swissnex, i.e. a Swiss organization that helps bridge startups between Switzerland and the US, in this case San Francisco specifically here. They have a beautiful location by the water Pier 17 in San…

DFINITY offers Scholarships to individual researchers or groups that work on topics that are related to DFINITY’s technology. I’ve talked to all three winners of the current scholarship program in the fall of 2018. Please join our conversation to find out what they are working on, how they first heard about the program and who they are!

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Video Transcript:

Hi and welcome to another episode of Inside DFINITY. Today I’m going to have conversations with people that have…

This is Part 3 of my conversation with Robert, who gives an overview of the steps to actually prove that the desired Chain Properties hold in the given model. Starting from protocol events and their relative timing, one can draw interim conclusions that finally allow to make the proofs.

Video Transcript:

Cédric: Okay. So we’ve gone through the different properties that we want to prove; we’ve talked about the models. Now what are the actual steps to get to a proof.

Robert: I cannot show you how we did the proofs, but I can give you a short and step-by-step strategy…

This is Part 2 of my conversation with Robert about the System Model and the Threat Model that are used for the proofs in the DFINITY Consensus Whitepaper. In particular, Robert explains the assumptions about network synchrony and Byzantine faults.

Video Transcript:

Robert: So let’s jump to the next important thing in our proof system, which is the model of our proof. I’ve already mentioned that the model can be thought of as two sub models — one is the system model describes the toolset available in our system; so all the mechanisms, tools and methods that we can use in…

This is Part 1 of my conversation with Robert, who explains on the whiteboard what provable properties a blockchain must have to provide a finalized total order on transactions. The 3 fundamental Chain Properties are called Chain Growth, Chain Consistency, and Chain Quality.

Video Transcript:

Welcome back to yet another episode of Inside DFINITY. I’m back in Zurich and I used the time before Robert flies out to Palo Alto to get together. Today Robert and I are going to talk about the technicalities of our white paper. So back at the beginning of this year 2018, the DFINITY put out…

My video from Day 12 of 14-day water-only fast.

Two weeks ago I decided to do another one of my much-loved experiments :) I was in Northern Italy with my EO Forum. I had recently heard that a friend of mine had been on a seven-day juice fast. I was impressed when we talked on his fifth day and he sounded very energetic.

I was in the mood for something to test my mental strength and it felt like the perfect environment: While my forum mates were enjoying five-course lunches and dinners, I opted to go on a water-only fast…

Arthur and I sat down to have a pretty wide-ranging conversation about his upcoming trip to Asia, what makes good events and much more.

Video Transcript:

Arthur: The idea behind why I assembled this gear was because I’m about to go on quite an extensive trip.

Cédric: Where are you headed to?

Arthur: Beginning with Dubai, a couple of weeks in India, then Singapore, possibly Australia or New Zealand — I usually find an excuse to go there; then, after that Seoul, Hong Kong, Beijing, Tokyo, Shanghai. I might be in there as well. It could be quite extensive and who…

This is Part 3 of my conversation with Robert about well-known attacks against blockchains and the types of defense taken by DFINITY. In a Long-Range Attack, the attacker buys old (unused) secret keys to overwrite history. By requiring a notarization on each block and getting rid of old keys, DFINITY makes such attacks much harder.

Video Trancript:

Cédric: Okay, so it sounds like DFINITY has implemented a couple of policies that prevent Nothing-at-Stake Attacks or let’s just say problems from happening on a network.

Robert: So in our system it’s not a profitable strategy for you as a block maker to…

This is Part 2 of my conversation with Robert about well-known attacks against blockchains and the types of defense taken by DFINITY. Nothing-at-Stake means that in Proof of Stake it is basically cost-free to mine blocks on multiple forks. Notarization enables the quick convergence of forking chains and the equivocation gets penalized.

Video Transcript:

Robert: We have two things here: we have no race conditions, so you have enough time as a block maker to publish your block, and if you misbehave and just wait too long to try some strategy, then your strategy will be a losing strategy.

Cédric: So…

This is Part 1 of my conversation with Robert about well-known attacks against blockchains and the types of defense taken by DFINITY. Selfish Mining involves creating a chain in secret and releasing it, which depends on the progress of the official chain. Block withholding in DFINITY is prevented by the notarization and the BlockTime delay.

Video Transcript:

Welcome back to another episode of Inside DFINITY. Today we’re going to jump right in and today Robert and I are going to talk about different attacks and attack vectors, that are common in blockchain systems and are currently being discussed. Before I spoil…

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