One glaring problem with TenX (PAY) tokens

My Xapo Visa card will instantly exchange my BTC when paying in any currency, and Xapo is considered as a very safe wallet with one downside which is they hold the private keys.
Another advantage of Xapo is that you can block your BTC value in fiat and vice versa as the wallet can hold USD EUR UK£ CHF, etc
Sure there is space for a few blockchain to debit card companies, but I laugh when I see a Monaco while the full integration of air miles or fidelity points with many other possible uses in OmiseGO shich is a VC funded company with real world activity since 2013 seem more “serious” to me.
Wild Wild ICOworld, a few gems in a field of “will-never-deliver-nor-have-value”.
What to think of TenX? Speculation token, sure, bright future, I have no clue.