Are my transactions spam?
Brandon Todd

Your and my txs are not spam, we pay for services or products or move from one type of storage to another. At least, these are my types of txs.
Now Miners have an incentive on full blocks and high fees.
And as They cash In the fees, they can “invest” or spend on “fake” spam tx with high fees. Take from one pocket to put it back in the other.
And while they do this, legit txs as yours and mines have to pay high fees to go through.
A couple more people do take advantages of the situation.
I still maintain that Full Blocks and High Fees are Propaganda Tools and not a the effect of a natural use of the Bitcoin Network.
And if you look at the last 3–4 days, a 20 satochis/byte fee would have been confirmed in most blocks, 5 s/b would have be enough in a majority of blocks.
So did the spam tx cool down or the (too) few SegWit tx have already helped to shrink the MemPool?
Bigger blocks will be needed with a wider adoption and Use, but we need a Safe Code reviewed by a worldwide experienced team of devs, not a single dev on a too short timeframe’s code.
BCrash has already been outgamed as an altcoin by the mainstreet financial news providers.
The question being: “Will a majority of NYA signers revoque their support to the 2X part of it as, for at least a few, the SegWit part of the agreement was what they supported.

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