How is anyone going to know what you want to do if you don’t tell them? How is anyone going to help you reach your dreams if you don’t share them?
Shout your dreams to the world.
Jon Westenberg 🌈

Thank you Jon, I felt like I owe you the echo your dreams resonated in me:

What I do is Who I am

Who lights a lamp and hides it under a basket?

I’ve worked in the shades of exposure.
Somewhere within, I knew the time would come to get out in the open. Somewhere within, I knew the shades of gratification were a ‘rite de passage’, a school of mastership.

Full cycle I’ve come.
Seven years have gone by since I adopted the pseudonym of Rudah King.

Rudah King is derived from Rudakenga which literally means “the unshakable” in my mother tongue.

Rudakenga was my grandfather. A chief of the Goyi clan from the Ruhengeri mountains in Rwanda.

Rudakenga went from the hills of a small country in eastern Africa, to become a globetrotter, a man of his times, a cosmopolitan.

I am Rwandan, I am French, I am human : I am Rudakenga.

I’ve been blessed with countless graces among which the gift for languages and the verbal power of my ancestors, the Bantus!

I am a Bantu lyricist. My life purpose is to contribute to humanity’s nobility.

I want to address humanity as a whole, it’s not just a dream, it is my vision, my life purpose!

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