Growing old with you…

“There are three things in life, people can not avoid, growing old, sickness and death.”

— U Nu

Just like what U Nu said, these three things in life can not be avoided by us people. we will give emphasis about growing old. Growing old is really a part of life, growing old is to become more mature than before. For me, I am not afraid of getting old, we need to accept this or be forced to accept it.

Love transcends all the material things, even physical beauty. If it’s true love, don’t take it for granted, because in this world we live today, there are many heartbreakers and others. If you love somebody and he/she loves you back, don’t let go of him/her, because if you thought that it’s just a waste, when you try to get it back, maybe you won’t be able to get it anymore.

If a person is worth loving, if all of your efforts and sacrifices are really worth it, then love her/him. The attitude is most important in a person if it’s worth lovinf for, because if a person has a bad attitude , he/she forgots to repsect others, because of their pride. Loving a person isn’t wrong unless if you are the one getting hurt always.