Surviving is part of our life, without it;why are we still here fighting for our lives, risking ourselves for the sake of our own and for other people. To survive you need to have a lot of things, you need is confidence, courage, strength, and intelligence. So I’m going to share to you how I survive this week.

Day 6

There isn’t too much to do. Just a couple of daily routines to do to survive the day. Ate my lunch with my friends who survived too. I learned many things from this day. And the sun sets, it’s time to go home.

Day 7 (continuation of paragraph 2)

Still nothing much to do. Just played with some friends.Same routines to just survive. But then, my friend asked to join a special club, then I escorted him to the place of audition. Then again the sun sets, packed my things then go home.

Day 8 (paragraph 3)

On this day, I need to bring things that is needed for cooking. Me and my friends cooked a delicious appetizer, then after this event same routines been conducted by us. Then the sun sets again, time to go home.

Day 9 (continuation of paragraph 3)

This day,is the day for fun. Just before the sun sets we will have so much fun. Me and my friends got all excited,because tomorrow is the day of try out. And now is the time for fun. Me and my friends got all muscle pain but it was so much fun. Then time to go home, the sun sets.

Day 10 (paragraph 4)

Just a normal day, then I do my routines that I always do. Then all of a sudden, Sir announced that the try out is moved tomorrow, so me and my friends got all sad because of the effort we put to pack up the things needed for the try out. Then the sun sets, it’s time to go home.

Day 11 (continuation of paragraph 4)

This is part of the two days that I can rest myself from work. And this is the time for try out ,so me and my friends got to the place and we try out. I got myself in and my friend too. But i feel sorry for my one friend that didn’t got himself in. Then I got home, nothing to do, so i go to sleep.

And this is how I survived from this week. Remember that, surviving isn’t about that you only care for yourself, you need to care for others too. For myself, everytime I go, I just kept telling myself, “Just Survive..Somehow.”

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