You have been feeling tired lately. The end of the week is both a relief that the week-end finally arrives and a dread that not much has been accomplished during the week. You go home at night not because everything has been done but because you do need to get some sleep at some point. You always have that nagging feeling you may have forgotten something.

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It’s time for a consultation. Let’s break down the symptoms.

Do you ever catch yourself saying these things?

“Oop, I forgot about that”

A colleague asks you about the status of that email to the customer and after a skipped heart beat and a sinking feeling, you realize that it just slipped out of your mind. …

Embrace being wrong

I started my career as an intern in the IT department. I would spend my days fixing up computers and servers. I would crawl under desks, remove plastic tiles from the floor to reveal network cables and rewire them. I had to switch backup tapes, reinstall computers all the time and move around all these heavy CRT monitors. Back in the days, we did not need a subscription to the local gym. We had CRT monitors!

Interestingly, when you are seen spending your days crawling on the floor and under desk opening computers, people do not consider you a model of gravitas. It might be the screwdriver in the mouth or the tile glue on the hands and smeared over the face. And it is objectively true that in meetings I would say things that are very stupid. My colleagues would nicely point that out. I would have to think carefully in my head before opening my mouth. …


Cedric W.

Native French, working in English in Japan for 15+ years and managing various teams at getting things done, with variying degrees of success.

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