Need to escape

The appeal in this Royal Caribbean commercial shows the idea of needing to escape. Royal Caribbean is trying to sell the viewer a cruise they can relax on and enjoy time alone or with family and friends. Royal Caribbean is also trying to sell the aspect of intriguing people to get away from their stressful lives. When this commercial comes on people escape from reality and experience the calming nature of this marvelous vacation.

The music used in this commercial is one song. That song is We Will Rock You by Queen. While the song is playing through out the whole commercial. It gives the viewers a look at how much fun you can have on the cruise if you choose to sign up for it. The images used in the commercial are people who are relaxing and enjoying their happy time on the cruise.

When evaluating the effectiveness I would say it is pretty effective. Everyone wants a vacation once in a while so when they see the commercial on the television it will get the people to call the company and book a room to stay in. Or when a family is deciding to go somewhere on a vacation they will remember Royal Caribbean’s catchy commercial.

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