3 Reasons Why The Concept of an OPEN Organization is Attractive to My Generation (Millennials).


Today’s generation, the Millennials, is constantly searching and seeking for new ways to enhance their lives, including in their area of work. They no longer wish to fill of the shoes of their parents in their boring, hierarchical jobs where the only those at the top have the privilege to voice their opinions and make decisions. As a Millennial myself, I can attest to this. Millennials want a to be involved and engaged in decision making, producing ideas, and much more…which is exactly what an OPEN Organization can offer them.

So what exactly is an OPEN Organization?

According to Red Hat CEO and Author of The Open Organization, Jim Whitehurst, an OPEN Organization is “An organization that engages participative communities both inside and out — responds to opportunities more quickly, has access to resources and talent outside the organization, and inspires, motivates, and empowers people at all levels to act with accountability.”

So with that in mind, how has the idea of OPEN Organizations managed to attract the interest of my generation?

Effective Collaboration and Communication.

Millennials understand that working together and communicating is what can make a successful organization even more successful. In traditional organizations, like members of prior generations have worked in, are known for and support closed off sections within an organization in which collaboration and communication are constrained to individual departments/areas. On the contrary, OPEN Organizations provide an opportunity for employees to step outside of their “departments” per say, to communicate and work together in a harmonious collaborative effort towards success. As a millennial, this is something that I would want in the company I work with. OPEN organizations encourage collaboration and communication that allows relationships to be built, and most importantly, ideas and opinions to be shared.

Anyone and Everyone Can Express Their Ideas.

Millennial’s, such as myself, love to voice our opinions and our ideas about anything and everything. My generation, also, can have a tendency to be very creative and bring along with them a refreshing perspective concerning any problems an organization may be trying to solve. In most traditional organizations, decisions are made and ideas come from the top executives in the particular organization. Thereby, giving employee opinions or ideas little to no consideration at all. If you’re an employee in this type of environment, what is your real purpose then? Millennials want to find jobs in which they feel that they have a purpose, and OPEN Organizations can provide that by opening the discussing of ideas and decisions to any employee who wants to make a contribution.

Leadership is NOT a Dictatorship.

Millennials don’t want to work in an organization where they are told “do this, do that”. We want an organization where the leader leads by example rather than dictating the operations of the business. Traditional organizations are known for their hierarchical standards and leaders, that instead of encouraging creativity and collaboration from their employees, only boss around employees to do the things they want. The concept of an OPEN Organization creates a new meaning to leadership. While theoretically there are still top executives, when it comes to things like decision making and creating ideas the employees are just as important as any top executive. The idea of an OPEN Organization focuses on leaders that utilize their position to encourage their employees in working together and voicing their opinions rather than not considering them at all.


An OPEN Organization is able to easily attract the attention and interest of my generation because of all that it has to offer. Who wouldn’t want to work with an organization that encouraged employee engagement, creativity, and participation? The employee work environment such as that of an OPEN Organization is everything Millennial is looking for and more.

To learn more about OPEN Organizations, I would encourage you to read “The Open Organization” and/or visit the link below to learn about the concept of an OPEN Organization from Red Hat CEO and Author, Jim Whitehurst.