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As I get older time seems to accelerate. It’s a common thing for most people but the speed by which it increases sometimes seems hard to fathom. While it is easy to feel I’m not accomplishing anything as I enter my 50s I find that, even with Time being such a fleeting thing, I’m in the most production era of my adult life.

My attention is divided up, outside of my relationship, into three main areas:

Information Technology
Craft Beer

Information Technology should be (and often is) my main priority as it is the arena that pays the bills. I've been working for the same company for 12 years now and more and more of the IT arena is becoming closed off and compartmentalized. My exposure to newer technologies is becoming more and more limited at work. So, naturally, I’m spending more of my time branching out on my own learning newer tech. I’m looking at the next six months and I’m booked solid with my time. I’m at that point in my career where I need to take that next step, which involves new certifications, which involves months of intensive study and work.

And then there’s Craft Beer. It’s a hobby of mine that has grown in importance and with it, in time given to it. I don’t make any money from Craft Beer as I’m just a drinker of it. But I am an active participant in Craft Beer Nation. We focus mainly on Hangouts On Air where we interview people in the industry and cover current events. My role in this is more of a technical one as I run the hangout event and handle Comment Tracker and the like. But I also spend a lot of time reading and researching the goings on in the craft beer industry. Time that my IT brain demands for tech pursuits.

And then there is my love of reading and writing. I’m a big Fantasy and Science Fiction fan. When I’m not reading a technical manual or about Craft Beer my nose is in a genre fiction book (or books as I’m usually reading multiple things at once). The one area that I have sacrificed the most is genre fiction writing. There’s only so much time I have available and that one gets the short straw. But that creative part of the brain is never turned off. I can be in the middle of tech stuff or craft beer stuff and my brain will suddenly fling to the forefront a plot solution to an issue I've had for months. I always have MS OneNote handy to jot these insights down.

It’s easy to feel like I’ll never have enough time. But I know that there is time aplenty in my day. As busy as I am I know there’s still lots of time left on the table each day that I could have put to better use. As I get older I’m more and more cognizant of this and strive to make the most of my time. It’s a struggle but one I get better at winning each day.

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IT Professional by day...aspiring fantasy and science fiction writer by night. In search of more Joy...and great craft beer. A contributor to @CBNCommunity

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