Career Assessment & Career Guidance

When it comes to drafting a career path you would encounter two concepts, Career Assessment and Career Guidance, and make you wonder their inter-relationship, leaving you with million dollar question “What is the difference between Career Assessment & Career Guidance”.
To simplify, Career Guidance follows Career Assessment, a scientific method of identifying or highlighting the dormant abilities, interests and personality of an individual. Career Assessment is a tool in the hands on an expert who could offer Career Guidance based on the results and other factors such as scholastics, socio-economical, etc. It is also worth to note that several Career Guidance experts just consider few minutes of interaction with the individual or consider the scholastic achievements as a base for Career Guidance which could end up in disaster as an individual is more dynamic than that.

Even though there are standardization, reliability and ethical norms for Career Assessments, however, Career Guidance mostly depends on the individual approach and style of the expert along with their areas of expertise. This could sometimes lead to biased guidance. Whatever may be the approach towards the Career Guidance however it should consider Psychometric inputs along with other related information before delivering the result.

It would be debatable topic on the correct methods of Career Assessment & Guidance where most of the experts could split into numerous groups with their conceptions, methods and experiences. It would be logical to mention that there should be conscious effort while drafting a career plan while considering multi-dimensional inputs rather from multiple experts. It is fine to get second opinion however it should not induce further confusion.

P.S : Do meet successful people in fields of your interest for inputs but not for Career Guidance as the trends in career change with time. Career Guidance is more of an Scientific-Art.

Suresh Kadari