Sharks Dominate Television This Summer

Sharks instill both fear and wonder, which may be the reason why Discovery’s “Shark Week” programming has become a summer staple along with visits to the beach, BBQs and watermelon. Though these highly anticipated shows are no substitute for being aware of one’s surroundings and minding safety procedures, they are highly informative alternatives to the reruns and summer series they compete against. Not to mention they feature nonstop sharks, which is freaking awesome.

Discovery’s “Shark Week” has competition airing at the same time this summer from rival channel, Nat Geo WILD. Both “Shark Week” and “Shark Fest” will air their first shows on July 5th at 8p.m. The crowded summer viewing waters make shark enthusiasts the real winners as they now have a selection of documentaries to choose from during the same time slots.

If you watch no other shark related content this summer, take a moment to watch the “Shark Fest” promo. The ad’s candid admission to Nat Geo WILD copycatting Discovery’s “Shark Week” is witty enough to garner a few laughs.

Take a Bite, Take a Pic

Want to share your enthusiasm for “Shark Fest” and donuts? Submit a photo of yourself chomping down on a Dunkin’ Donuts product to #DDSHARKWEEKPROMO on Twitter or Instagram by July 9th and it could be featured on the Dunkin’ Times Square billboard or during Discovery’s, Shark After Dark show.

Sharknado is Happening Again

Looking for a less realistic shark viewing experience this summer? Television producers have you covered. Sharknado 3: Oh, Hell No!, which filmed key scenes at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, will air on July 22nd. This “B” rated movie series attests to the fact that sometimes, television-viewing preferences are stranger than fiction. The sensation behind the Sharknado series is quickly making the made for TV films cult classics. The movies lack quality acting, writing and special effects, but make up for it with nonstop hilarity. The jury is still out on whether all the laughable moments are intentional.

As with any XXX movie or other over the top flick, the right frame of mine is required to make Sharknado 3 an enjoyable film experience. You have to go into it knowing that when the credits roll, you still won’t really know why you watched it.

Start the popcorn, cue the infamous score from Jaws and prepare to be amazed.

This summer, it’s Shark Fest v. Shark Week v. Sharknado. Which of the 3 are you making space for on your calendar?

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