Founders For Opportunity; coding for Spear graduates

Carlos E. Espinal
Jul 25, 2018 · 1 min read

In December of 2017, in conjunction with Resurgo Spear, Code First: Girls, Campus London, Seedcamp, and many other friends, we hosted the first Founders for Opportunity event to link Graduates from the Spear program with Founders for mentoring and to explore potential ways to enter the tech ecosystem. For a summary of the event, check out the original post now updated with a video summarising that event.

In early 2018, Silicon Valley Bank kindly sponsored the Spear Graduates who wanted to learn how to code and put them through the Code First: Girls program, allowing the Graduates to further develop their tech skills for the workplace. After the recently completed 8 week intensive program, where they learned how to build an e-commerce website, the Graduates showcased their newly built site and shared their ambitions for the future.

Thank you to Code First: Girls, Seedcamp, Resurgo Spear, Campus London & Silicon Valley Bank for making this possible.

Carlos E. Espinal

Written by

Partner and seed investor at Seedcamp, mobile tech lover, blogger, and a fan of the nifty-fifty.

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