Ceek Token Recap

CEEK Blockchain Verified Device Agnostic Virtual Reality Streaming Application

The Virtual Reality Market continues to grow at an exciting rate with mobile VR as a major driver of growth. CEEK is excited to be at the forefront of the mobile virtual reality market with integration for distribution to console and desktop VR featuring blockchain verified digital media and assets.

CEEK VR is quickly becoming the definitive destination for virtual reality entertainment. The First Premium VR music platform with content from MAJOR LABELS and INDEPENDENT ARTISTS.

CEEK’s device agnostic content distribution app is available on major VR platforms including Oculus VR, iOS and Android with upcoming experiences for Playstation VR, HTC Vive, Microsoft Mixed Reality Headsets and Smart TVs.

With the creation of the Ceek Token, Ceekers were able to access CEEK VR’s products and services using Ceek. Now with further integration Ceek will enable access to various markets and segments as Ceek ushers in mass adoption of crypto currencies in both the virtual and physical world.

Upon completion of upcoming releases all Ceek accounts will be equipped with wallets and an easy to use interface for transactions and tracking transaction history.

Additionally, transactions will be easily accessible and trackable on the Ceek Blockchain explorer.

CEEK Blockchain Explorer

The Ceek Token enables

Ceek Token — Universal Currency for Digital Media Verification

· Transparency & Trust — By verifying digital media utilization on the blockchain, an immutable record of use is provided to content creators.

· Efficient and Fair Royalty Payments through automatic payments of rights owners via smart contracts

· Ease of Use — Through deep integration of the Ceek coins, both experienced and newbies to the world of crypto can easily complete transactions and enjoy the world of CEEK and Virtual Reality in an efficient and fun way. Users can easily access the CEEK VR App which has the token integrated.

Ease of Use of Ceek Tokens on CEEK VR App

Updated CEEK Shop Interface.
Since the conclusion of the token sale, we have received over 100 complementary products from partners that will be available for purchase using Ceek and Ethereum after the current interface update.

Ceek Token Sale Recap
CGI World (CEEK GLOBAL INNOVATIONS) created a total supply of 1,000,000,000 Ceek tokens with 253,851,965 tokens sold for approximately 17,518 Ethereum. Eth was pegged at $840 for the sale, though the actual value of Ethereum fluctuated between $378 and $1258 during the sale.

CEEK distributed tokens for bonuses, community development, marketing, airdrops, social media, whitepaper translations, advisor payments etc. which brought the total distributed Ceek to 503,851,965.

· 100,000,000 Tokens are in reserve for 3 years

· 246,148,035 Tokens are reserved for the Ceek Celebrity Coin Cast

· 150,000,000 Tokens for Company and Early Team Members to be unlocked over the next 3 years

Over the upcoming months, our long-view focus continues to be positioning CEEK as the definitive Virtual Reality Entertainment market leader on the blockchain. Building a powerful robust platform and delivering compelling user experiences.