Setting Up Your CEEK Masternodes

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In this post we are going to give a brief overview on how the CEEK Masternode system works and show how to setup an account, claim your rewards, transfer or stop your Masternode.

Please note that CEEK cannot access accounts, recover keys, reset passwords or reverse transactions, protect your keys and always check that you are on the correct url

We recommend using a VPN while accessing your wallet to minimize any security risk. You and you alone are responsible for your own security.

You may use the following options to access your Masternode Account.

· MetaMask / Mist

· Ledger Wallet


· Digital Bitbox

· Secalot

· Keystore / JSON File

· Mnemonic Phrase

· Private Key

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Creating a New Wallet
If you are creating a new wallet, you’ll be prompted to setup a password. After you’ve selected your password you be prompted to save your keystore file. Download the keystore file to a secure device such as a USB drive that you know no one will have access to.

You’ll then be prompted to agree, click “I agree” to continue. After agreeing you’ll be shown your private key and given the option print out a paper wallet or copy and paste this to a secure location that you’ll be able to access. Do not lose this key as this is the only way to gain access to your CEEK Masternode account.


“CEEK cannot access accounts, recover keys, reset passwords or reverse transactions, protect your keys and always check that you are on the correct url

Creating Your Masternode
In order to setup a CEEK masternode you’ll need your private key and password, JSON file or a hardware wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens such as a Ledger or Trezor.

In order to activate your masternode you’ll need to first send a minimum of 150,000 CEEK to your public address. Once your coins are in the system you’ll be able to activate the contract on the network and approve it.

Once the contract is activated, you’ll then be able to select the node grade and how long you want to lock up your CEEK coins for. In order to determine CEEK Masternode rewards you can click on the calculator.

Once you have setup your CEEK wallet either through using an existing private key and password or a fresh new wallet through the website. You’ll be prompted for your password in order to access the CEEK dashboard each time you interact with the Masternode system.

Claiming Your Masternode Rewards

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After you have created your masternode based on the variables that you selected that will determine the rewards you receive, you’ll need the JSON file, private key or to confirm on the hardware wallet to access your CEEK wallet.

In order to claim your CEEK masternode rewards you’ll see there is a number based on the variables selected when creating a Masternode. The number is based off of the lock period and the Grade or number of nodes you chose. In order to claim your reward tokens, please click withdrawal reward tokens after logging into your CEEK masternode wallet.”

Transferring Your Masternode

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To transfer or trade your masternode upload your private key or JSON file or use your hardware wallet to confirm the contract. Once your in the dashboard you’ll see your masternode grade. In the event you would like to transfer a masternode to another wallet address you do so with the transfer masternode tab. Please note this operation is irreversible.

Stopping Your Masternode

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To delete your masternode you can click on the above menu, access your file then input your password or or hardware wallet to delete your masternode. Your masternode will be deleted automatically during the next reward cycle.” You’ll then have your rewards plus your tokens sent to the wallet you created the node under.

Please note that after clicking “delete masternode” this operation can’t be undone as your rewards and tokens will transferred to your account.”