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Jan 7 · 4 min read

An EPIC 2020 Lies Ahead

CEEK VR 360 Headphones available at www.ceek.com

2019 felt like 12 rounds in a boxing match, but thankfully it ended on a super high note. It’s been challenging and rewarding building the world’s premier VR Music and Entertainment streaming platform.

International Music Artist Izzie Gibbs in CEEK 360 Headphones

We focused on continued blockchain development and partner integrations for the CEEK universe; which consists of a portfolio of award-winning products and services including:

• The CEEK VR Music and Entertainment streaming platform

CEEK 360 Advanced Audio headphones

CEEK VR Headsets

  • CEEK Foldable VR Bundles for Music Artists, Sports Teams, Brands & More
Ceekers pay for content once and access the CEEK App across multiple devices.

CEEK offers partners a single VR streaming service for multiple devices. Ceekers pay for content once and access it across multiple devices. Our patent-awarded, end-to-end approach is designed to scale VR from a niche industry to mass consumer adoption by providing premium content beyond gaming.

2019 Highlights

· CEEK established Microsoft Partnership — CEEK teamed up with Microsoft to develop a streaming token that will enable content consumed on the CEEK Network to be authenticated and tracked on Microsoft’s Azure Blockchain Service. Developments will continue through 2020.

· Completed major CEEK VR App Update with new environments and upgraded UI for all stores — iOS App Store, Android Play Store, Oculus Go, Oculus Rift, HTC, Gear VR, iPad and Smart TVs.

· We completed the retail ready version of the CEEK 360 Advanced Audio Headphones. We have secured several superstar partners who will be endorsing the product throughout the year.

CEEK VR 360 Headphones available at www.ceek.com/4dheadphones

We completed development of a CEEK VR Premium Gold Headset. The new Generation of the CEEK VR Headset comes with improved lenses, 100.5° Field of View and greater comfort for longer use.

· We improved the Foldable VR Bundle for greater durability and use by larger smartphone users. (Available for Music Artists, Sports Teams, Brands & More)

· We were in development of the Smart TV version of the CEEK VR App. Our device-agnostic platform enables accessibility via multiple devices including competitor products. By enabling frictionless access to CEEK’s content, we can help speed the adoption of our 360 VR content as well.

We closed the year with Celebrity Investors and a former NBA Team owner joining the CEEK Board. More details coming in 2020.

Looking Ahead to the Next Decade of Innovation

CEEK VR 360 Headphones Available at www.ceek.com/4dheadphones

2020 will focus on a highly disciplined execution of our comprehensive marketing strategy to drive revenue and customer acquisition. As a foremost leader in the VR Music space; CEEK offers the industry’s only end-to-end VR solution. CEEK Solves a multi-variable problem for content owners so that they can easily stream premium high-end monetizable content to users. We are doing so by enabling content creators even those without any technical skills or developer experience to easily create and distribute magnificent VR experiences using our backend tools. We have a pipeline of opportunities ranging from Music to Education and Healthcare. 2020’s focus will continue to be music.

2020 Key Milestones
· Mega Artist Releases including a minimum of one megastar per quarter. Upcoming content releases include music artists with over ¼ of a billion in combined fanbase. Think of CEEK as the Ticketmaster for VR Experiences. We are reinventing music distribution and helping label and artists make money again. CEEK’s model provides net new revenue and new fans for our label and studio partners. (Starting Q1)

Watch Katy Perry Live in Rio on the CEEK VR App

· Release of CEEK VR’s Live Streaming platform (Q2) — Content consumers want frictionless access to immersive content, and our device-agnostic platform enables accessibility via multiple devices including competitor products. With the addition of Live Streaming in 2020. Ceekers around the world can now enjoy the energy of live events with others from around the globe at the same time.

· Multiple Original Content Productions and Events (Starting Q2)

CEEK Original Content Productions

· Launch of multi-viewer environments with ultra-realistic avatars (Q3) — Ceekers can enjoy each other in the same environment using photorealistic avatars that can be created by simply uploading their photos vis smartphone.

· Ongoing Partnerships

· Ongoing Original Programing and Licensing

· Ongoing Blockchain Developments

We are excited to start the new decade with an enjoyable place to get uplifted and fill your days with magic, bright smiles and joy. May each day bring reasons to love life. We wish you an exciting year ahead. Buckle up :D

Epic road ahead for CEEK in 2020

Happy New Year 2020



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