My Open Letter to Conservatives
Conservative Black Man

“ Liberals have called you racists for years and instead of fighting the charge and taking your case to the people, you’ve given up.”

This is backwards. The charges were and are based on a history of behavior. The same history cited in this piece as a justified reason for African-Americans to have, in the understood-as-not-quite-accurate shorthand, a chip on their collective shoulder.

They didn’t “give up”. They actively worked against not committing racist acts. They aren’t actual social conservatives, for the most part. You’ve misunderstood them. They are socially regressive authoritarians, a whole other and very nasty sort of creature, very close cousin to the progressive authoritarian. Look at who they vote for, at their arguments. It’s about power, about punishing unapproved people. They don’t listen to you because you are not a member of their “tribe”. You are an outsider to be punished, scapegoated, made an example of so they can feel righteous. This is why the Negro Motorist Green Book existed, and why sundown towns still exist. They can’t be handled by trusting them to “ show understanding and compassion without the government”. They demonstrate daily that they will not do so at this time. They SUPPORT street executions by police. That is, to put it bluntly, what fascists do. And a great many Americans unconsciously want a brutal dictator, head of a “royal” family, in charge — as long as it’s THEIR dictator.

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