Legacy of Womanhood

I still don’t see what JK Rowling said that was so wrong. She merely stated that sex is real. I think the bigger problem is that society is so used to socially constructing things such as race, ethnicity, and social class that they assume they can do the same with sex.

That’s where they messed up.

Millions of women have such uniquely female experiences such as coming of age, being disproportionately victims of sex crimes and violence, menstruation and menopause, pregnancy and fertility issues, dating and marriage, income inequality, self-expression, and many other facets of navigating the world that it is undeniably female by definition.

No amount of bullying, name-calling, manipulation, lying, or dismissal can ever change that. You see, so many women have already left their indelible imprints by sharing their stories, living out loud, whispering secrets that spark inspiration and courage to one another over glasses of wine, writing poetry that moves the world, and standing firm in the face of opposition. Those are just some of the things that inspire other women and girls and creates a legacy of womanhood — and just like knowledge, no one can just take that away. Women don’t need others to expand the identity of womanhood — each generation of women and girls do that on our own.

It’s just another challenge in a long line that women constantly face, which in itself is a significant part of the female experience. The very act of attempting to redefine sex is sexist. Women are women and someone else’s sexual identity and emotions cannot change that. This further illustrates another specifically female experience — being subjected to the whims and fancies of other people and being expected to go along with it.

Thinking women who pay attention to what goes on around them know what this is, and we cannot be dissuaded. You can’t cancel women and you can’t cancel J.K. Rowling.



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