“We want to know: what’s a ritual that ups your game?”
Death To Stock

My Daily Ritual

Snooze the first tablet alarm (this is the one to decide if I am exercising outside the house). If not, dismiss until second alarm. If fully awake, I read through NY Times online; if sleepy, snooze until second alarm. When the second tablet alarm goes off, I dismiss, turn on local news (which goes to GMA at 7), then begin my floor exercises (core strengthening & stretching with 100 abs…everyday!). Then up into the shower and daily bathroom routine. Dress, stop and the full length mirror and say “you look beautiful this morning,” and then I am downstairs to gather lunch and make my cranberry juice for the ride to work. Arriving at the office, stow away lunch and personal items, make either peppermint or chai tea depending on the day, and login...