I have always tried to be ‘perfect’ Or at least as ‘perfect’ as I can get. But throughout my life I’ve tried to teach myself that you will never be good enough for anyone…no matter what anyone says. And I’ve tried and tried to get that into my head plenty of times. I know who I am, at least as much as I can. Of course you never know who you are completely, there’s always that little bit of you you never try to acknowledge. That’s called the ‘real’ you. I hate the ‘real’ me. The ‘real’ me is stupid and sometimes comes out because I don’t know how to completely hide it. I’m still learning to do that. School has taught me to do that somewhat…so has my family and society. You know I couldn’t hide myself without them. School has because if something is not ‘cool’ then it’s not worth anyone’s time. But I still like some ‘uncool’ things. My family because if I like something and it’s my decision then it’s stupid. Society because some others may like it but if it doesn’t go with the majority then it’s not worth anything. I’m only sixteen but I still know things. I see it everyday.

*this is an idea for a story I’m writing*