315 debauchery

uncanny hindsight conclusions led me to believe overthinking never ever benefits the pipe dreamers
yet sometimes I cannot avoid it, even when I tell myself that outloud
shouting in the mirror, bedeviled by the tiredness that plagues my mecanisms
tecnically I know that, know that lingering over the past wont change it and obsessing about the future rarely ever affects the real outcome
but still
my compulsion for picturing good scenaries is hard to deem harmfull, at first

if only “good” were an easy concept to wrap your head around
if only I didnt ruin all my hopes by chewing them over so much that they end up shapeless and tasteless
I’m a loony for the idea of good sensations
the only problem is that I daydream of them more often than work on chasing such feelings


you starved your own loyal beasts
in hopes they’d pray at your enemies
but even the most devoted creature is still a fiend 
afterall, starvation is not a pleasant way to die
and now your daemons are ravenous for your skin and bones
and not all the complacency in the world will loosen those ropes
therefore, abandon all hopes

and the correlation between both of our mistakes is none

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