Modro i zéléno

Celadon ( the river)

Amycus, the centaur

and Celadon sheself.

Somewhere deep inside Arcadia 
where flew the constant vivid flow of fluids that once was crossed by Heracles in pursuit of the Hind of Ceryneia, according to Pindar. And that does matter.
And in Homer’s Iliad it’s described as being under the walls of Pheia, not far from the river Iardanus, his favourite cousin in third grade.

Ereuthalion was killed by Nestor here. Must I remind you.

The constant flow of it as a tool of a battlefield for an unholy war.

But on calmer days, just
Pale and cold greyish green tones of gipsy romani roots on calum soil
dancing around elipses of dreams

almost delirium herself.

In jersey the devil is masked by the lineament and the garb of the owner of a rusty pawn shop

Dusty shelves and immaculate mischief

He sells phantom physical interactions

No solutions no answers
only distractions
that nonetheless fail miserably

I bought there a couple of times as i have difficulty finding mid ground between anxiety and numbness
And now i see myself with useless scapegoats and unanswered questions

Two liable reasons why recognition will never come since it has no self will

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