As behavioral models that we as UXers put together become the most sought after commodities of the Information Age, surveillance capitalism is having its proscriptive impact on our lifestyles.

Narcissus by Caravaggio depicts Narcissus gazing at his own reflection.

Generations ago, before the music industry was digital, artists were left to less proscriptive creative methods that didn’t involve pressing a button to release a sampled sound long departed from its organic source. Indeed, the severe limitations of such a model have reduced modern music at its worst to a looped digital track with a person childishly rhyming on top of it the way we were all taught how to do in second grade. Variations in dynamic range, key, orchestration and instrumentation, rhythm, emotional nuance etc., are a thing of the past while the most powerful voices of the music industry are little more than tone-deaf commodities brokers. …

#wokesploitation. It’s a thing.

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We’ve changed. No really, we have. (Photo credit: Shad Olson Show)

Gillette’s predatory instincts kicked into overdrive when three, then four, then five plus razors blades on a plastic stick became so transparently exploitive that even the thickest consumer opted for practicality and cost savings. Humans like simple. Especially men. Our lives are complicate enough with every spineless, predatory element in the universe seeking an easy target and a fall guy. Dollar shave club got it right. Their product got it right. Their marketing got it right. So Gillette chose to double down and prey on another group before giving up and facing the music. …

Originally published October 4th, 2018. Updated July 21st, 2019.

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The above is an illustration that depicts what is an increasingly obvious fact in Texas: The odds of a family violence incident in a custody case is very low. …


Chris Lahiri

I’m a dad and fathers’ rights activist. I’m also a Nielsen Norman Group certified UX designer, and a six-time Addy award winning interactive media designer.

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