I’m Giving Away 50K Coinpot Tokens For Your Best Referral Idea

Well it’s been 8 months since we started this experiment (click here for the original article) and after reading through the comments I think the biggest obstacle for most is referrals. So I’m giving away 50K Coinpot tokens (transferred into bitcoin at the going rate on 9/30/18).

The person with the best referral idea wins. It’s that simple.

Please leave your idea and address below. The address can be from within Coinpot or from another wallet.

I’ll chose my favorite on 9/30/18 and send 50K Coinpot tokens (converted to bitcoin) to the bitcoin address listed with my favorite idea.

If you don’t like my pick or if you see a referral idea that you like, feel free to send some bitcoin love to the associated bitcoin address. The contest ends on 9/30/2018, but your ‘thank yous’ to the kind folks that share their ideas can last forever. Let’s get the bitcoin love flowing.

If you’re new to Coinpot, click on the links below and get started!

Moon Bitcoin

Moon Dogecoin

Moon Litecoin

Moon BitcoinCash


Bit Fun

Bonus Bitcoin

And the winners are….click here for an update.