The Bitcoin Faucet Experiment Continues: How Much Can You Make On FaucetHub?

Celan Bryant (CB)
May 16, 2019 · 14 min read

First, I want to point out that just a few days ago, the amount that I had made on Coinpot was ~$700, now it’s ~$800 (over an 18 month period of bitcoin going down in value). You can read more about that in my article, How Much Can You Make From Coinpot?.

Second, it is impossible for me to do a model like the one I did for Coinpot for FaucetHub. There are simply too many faucets. I CAN tell you that based on what I’ve earned on Coinpot, I think it’s possible to make a great deal more. Coinpot only has 7 faucets, FaucetHub has hundreds. Coinpot has the same basic structure for every faucet, all of FaucetHub’s faucets are different. I’m going to focus on the highest paying faucets in the network.

Who is The Bitcoin Experiment Designed For?

I am a big advocate of bitcoin for many reasons. You can read about many of those reasons on my own website or in the SeekingAlpha article, Bitcoin: Valued at $4 million. As part of that advocacy, I wanted to bring more people into the world of bitcoin. I struggled with a way to do that because there IS a learning curve. I designed the Bitcoin Faucet Experiment with that learning curve in mind.

Participation in the experiment comes with several perks. Not only are taking a class in the mechanics of bitcoin and cryptocurrency, but you will receive micro-payments of bitcoin. These are very small amounts of bitcoin (50 satoshi), but they add up.

This article is specifically for users of Coinpot that want to learn how to add another source of free coins to their wallet. It is based on my original article explaining Coinpot. My goal is to make the learning process as easy as possible. I’m going to provide a quick on-boarding guide for the first few faucets, then transition to a list.

How Is Each Faucet Different?

If you’re like me, you like context — it helps to manage expectations. So, this is a quick overview of the primary difference between FaucetHub and Coinpot.

FaucetHub is a lot like Coinpot in that all of your claims are connected to the same wallet. So all the faucets listed below will dump into your FaucetHub wallet. Then, when you’re ready to make a withdrawal, the process is the same as Coinpot.

FaucetHub requires more knowledge than Coinpot to understand. At the time of this writing Coinpot had 7 faucets. With FaucetHub, there are hundreds of faucets. Each one pays out to FaucetHub’s wallet, but other than that, they are all different.

What are some of the key differences? Well,

  • Some require an email address, while others require a wallet address.
  • Some faucets pay directly to FaucetHub, while others wait for you to request a withdrawal to FaucetHub.
  • Some have standard captchas, while others have crazy ‘puzzle like’ captchas.
  • Some are claims, while others are ‘rolls of dice’.
  • Some faucets provide large claims, others not so much, but the small claim faucets give you opportunities to earn coins in other ways.
  • Some faucets pay out in tokens, others pay out directly in bitcoin.
  • Some faucets are tapped out, others are stocked and fully loaded (I only list those that are fully loaded).
  • Most faucets are online, but some are in grocery stores and malls.

The good news is that there a lot more faucets under FaucetHub (some are as big as Coinpot, some even pay interest on your earnings), the bad news is that FaucetHub can be a little more confusing to newbies because there are so many different faucets — it’s hard to know where to start. Sometimes it’s even hard to know what to click on. Once you do, it’s hard to tell the good faucets from the bad. Even FaucetHub will admit that some of the faucets in its network are tapped out (read: empty).

Enough prep — let’s get started.

5 Step Process

We’ll work in 5 steps. This guide will cover the first three faucets and then we’ll list them from there.

Step 1: Get A Bitcoin Wallet Address:

For Coinpot, all you need is an email address. For FaucetHub, you need an email address and a wallet address.

3 Ways To Obtain A Bitcoin Wallet (If you already have a bitcoin wallet address to use you can skip to Step 2)

  1. Use ABRA’s wallet and make $25 — If you’re looking for an opportunity to earn $25 paid out in bitcoin, you can get your bitcoin wallet address from ABRA. ABRA is one of my favorite crypto exchanges and it’s having a promotion where you get $25 if you download their app using my referral code (full disclosure: I also get $25:-). It’s important to note, however, that you also have to do one of the following two options below to receive the $25 payment: Option 1: Deposit a minimum of $5 to Abra’s wallet using a US bank account or debit card. Option 2 (Best option for non-US based folks): Deposit crypto and exchange it to any other asset (except BTC, BCH, ETH, and LTC). You will receive 1.5% of the exchange total, up to $25. A minimum of $5 in rewards must be accrued to receive the full $25 payment. You can do this with your earnings from Coinpot or FaucetHub. After you sign up, you can also share YOUR referral code with others to make $25 as well. I’m not sure how long this promotion will last, but it was still going as of today (5/16/19). I contacted ABRAs support team on Twitter and they responded in 1 hr. so if you have any issues, that’s a great way to reach out.
  2. Research Other Wallets — If you’re not interested in ABRA or if you want to read more about crypto wallets, this is the best article I’ve found: It also recommends a few wallets and explains what your options are far better than I can.
  3. Use Coinpot’s Wallet — If you want, you can use your Coinpot wallet address for your FaucetHub account, but I don’t recommend it. That said, you can always change it later. Follow these instructions to obtain your Coinpot bitcoin wallet address:

In Coinpot, click on Bitcoin Core in the left pane. Within the option window, click on “Deposit Bitcoin Core”. You should see the following screen:

You can use this wallet address, but note that it will only accept deposits of .001 bitcoin or more. So you won’t be able to send amounts from FaucetHub until you’ve reached this threshold, but at least you have a wallet address to sign up with for FaucetHub.

Whatever wallet address you use, it will be used like your email address is used in Coinpot. In other words, you will register for many of FaucetHub’s faucets below using this address so whatever address you decide to use, be sure to keep it somewhere handy.


Step 2: Sign into FaucetHub:

Now that you have a wallet address, you’ll need to sign into FaucetHub. Fill in the form and follow the instructions.

The first thing to do after signing in to FaucetHub is provide wallet addresses for other currencies. This is only if you want to receive currencies other than bitcoin.

Within FaucetHub, go to Wallet Addresses. You need to provide a different wallet address for each currency you want to receive. This is how crypto is set up. Each coin has its own encryption mechanism, so each coin has its own address as well. If you send bitcoin to a litecoin address, it will not go through. If you want to receive bitcoin and you give the sender a Dash address, you will never receive your bitcoin. The good news is that this step only has to be done once.

If you’re only using Coinpot, you won’t have a wallet for all the wallets on FaucetHub. You can either focus on the faucets for the wallets you do have or you can open up a new wallet — Abra is available globally and supports 30 cryptocurrencies and over 50 fiat currencies as well. Once you’ve set up your wallets, you’re ready to go. Every time you add an address, you will receive a confirmation email.

Keep in mind, if all you want to do is bitcoin faucets, you only need to set up one wallet for bitcoin. You only need to provide wallet addresses for the coins that you want.

Claim Free Coins

Step 3: Make your first claim:

Our first claim will be with Claim Free Coins. We are starting with the most reputable (read: 100% paid out) faucets. All of the faucets listed below are 100% paid out, which is based on the owner’s current balance and their ability to continue to pay out to their users consistently. It’s unfortunate, but many bitcoin faucets online are tapped out — even some under the FaucetHub umbrella. You won’t know this until you make the claim. When Claim Free Coins asks you for your currency address it is referring to the wallet address we found earlier. Once you’re signed up, complete the captcha and make your first claim. You will find that Claim Free Coins is a lot like BitFun in that there’s only one claim amount (no mining or loyalty bonus to boost claim amounts).

Step 4: Verify your account is hooked up to FaucetHub: Now we need to confirm that Claim Free Coins is connected to FaucetHub. You can confirm the account is connected to FaucetHub by going back to FaucetHub and clicking on “Check Balance”. Input the wallet address that is associated with the coin balance you want to check. Once you make your first claim on Claim Free Coins, you should see it in your balance instantly.

Step 5: Continue With The Faucet List Below: Now we can continue on to the list of faucets below. Remember to verify that each faucet is connected to your FaucetHub account.

FaucetHub Faucets

Like Coinpot, there are many ways to make money on FaucetHub, but the faucets listed below are where you’ll make your claims.



Reasons365 — You only need your email address for this faucet. Once you sign up, you want to start by clicking “Surf” on the left pane. You guessed it, this faucet is focused on creating reasons for you “Surf their advertiser’s material”. You can make satoshi from watching ESPN videos and listening to radio channels. For now, we’re just going to focus on the faucet — Coinstoshi. Coinstoshi is the faucet you want to make a claim from. It’s currently paying 70 satoshi. Once you click, watch the advertisement and then complete the captcha. Beware that captchas keep getting weirder and weirder. Once you complete and click, the claim is yours and you can verify the claim by going back to your FaucetHub account (see step #5 above)

There are many other ways to make satoshi on Reasons365, but this is the primary claim.

(Don’t forget to bookmark)

The next faucet is…



LarvelFaucet — This faucet is a lot like Reasons365, but its focus is on other tasks. You will need an email address to sign in. Once signed in, click on the title ‘Earn Tokens’ at the top. The drop down menu gives you several ways to earn, but the primary way you make a claim on this site is by clicking on the buttons. Once you do, complete the captcha (follow the instructions to prove you are human) and then you will be shown how much you just made. Payments are instant, so you can verify by checking your FaucetHub account balance (see step #5 above).

I made 250 ‘tokens’ from one click. At the time 250 tokens was worth 14 satoshi. Click “Go Back To Claim More Coins” to repeat the process. You will see a tally of your progress in the top right hand corner of the page. You have to request the payout to FaucetHub, it is not automatic. Before you can request a withdrawal, you need to go to “Profile” to provide your wallet address for each coin you want to do faucets for. You don’t need addresses for all the coins listed. Just make sure you have bitcoin filled in. The point is, you can earn tokens and then get paid in whatever coin you like. Now you can go back to the withdrawal page and make a withdrawal by selecting the coin you want to withdraw. You will receive a quick confirmation and the coins will be sent to your FaucetHub account.

(Don’t forget to bookmark) — Fausty requires your bitcoin address listed with FaucetHub to sign up. Then click on “Claim Reward” and complete the captcha. The hardest part about this faucet was the captcha. You don’t have to make a separate withdrawal — the bitcoins are sent straight to FaucetHub. At the time I received 9 satoshi. Now go back and update your FaucetHub “Check Your Stats” to make sure the wallet is connected and bookmark the site.



Bitco.World — Bitco World requires your bitcoin address listed with Faucethub to login. Scroll down, solve the captcha, and click Claim Code. It will ask you to click on “verify short URL”. Once you do, you are taken to another page to complete the captcha. Follow the instructions. Ultimately, you are waiting to click the “short url”. This one is a little tricky because you don’t know which windows are real and which aren’t, but if you do it once, it’s easy. I got 12 satoshi and they were deposited directly into my FaucetHub account. Now, check to make sure the account is connected to FaucetHub, bookmark this site and lets move on to the next faucet.



Cointopoly- This might be one of my favorite faucets (outside of Coinpot). It is has a nice user-friendly interface. There’s a lot to be done on Cointopoly. You can read the quick guide or you can just click on the Faucet link in the left pane. Click on “Roll to Win”, fill out the captcha and you’re done. You can make a claim every 60 minutes. The amount you get depends on what you roll.

Like Coinpot, you can also boost your earnings by doing other things.

I got 36 coins which was roughly equivalent to 46 satohsi at the time. To make a withdrawal, click on your name in the top right hand corner. Withdrawals must be set up manually to FaucetHub.

Cointoply has another really cool feature, they offer 5% interest paid for all coin balances over 35,000. You can do this by turning this feature on in your settings. That said, keeping your coins here means you have to trust the security of the site. If you do, I highly suggest using a 2FA on this site.

As for Cointoply withdrawals, you can make a withdrawal to your FaucetHub account, your own bitcoin faucet account or your Doge account.

To learn more, read the article: How Much Can You Make On Cointiply’s Bitcoin Faucet? There are so many ways to boost your earnings that I think you can make even more on Cointiply than Coinpot. I’ll keep you posted!

Sato Host

Sato Host

The good news is that SatoHost is very easy. Input your bitcoin address used for Faucethub, complete the captcha, and you’re done. Claims get paid straight to Faucethub. The bad news is that claims are low. My claim was for 5 satoshi, which is very low compared to other faucets. You can make a claim every 5 min.


This is an interesting faucet. All faucets allow you to make a withdrawal to any faucet you want, but they will charge a fee. They key is to only make withdrawals via free withdrawal methods. This is the first faucet I’ve seen that can be withdrawn to Coinbase for free.


After you sign up for Bitcoinsforme (you only need to confirm with an email address), you can start earning coins on Bitcoinsforme. As you can see from the screenshot above, you can earn coins through mining, faucets, offerwalls, jackpot rolls and more. We are going to stay focused on the faucet for now so after you sign up, click “Faucets”, complete the captcha and you’re done. The faucet is easy, but the claim is low (8 satoshi). You can make a claim every 5 min. You will also need to do a manual withdrawal for Bitcoinsforme, so be prepared to enter your bitocin address for the first withdrawal.


If you’re looking for faucets to skip, this is it. I’m only putting it on here for an example of a faucet that I do not recommend. You can completely skip this faucet. While the claim is easy, the payout is low at a 4 satoshi. The claim states it will be 6, but it was 4. There’s also a withdrawal threshold, which is uncommon. A minimum is normal, but not a threshold. So, this is an example of a faucet that you should be weary of.


Starcoins is another great faucet. It’s set up in a creative game style, so the creators are actually investing some creative power into the design, which I like. Once you sign up (email only), you need to update your wallet with at least your bitcoin address. All withdrawals are manual and are set up in the same way that FaucetHub sets up wallets (one wallet address at a time), but the good news is that there are many coins to earn.

You want to take a moment to read the FAQs because this is set up more like a game. You earn more in the game by getting in the battlezone and you need a battleship to visit the battlezone.


In order to buy a battleship you need Deuterium (D). You can earn D by clicking on the title in the top menu “Earn Free Deuterium”. Click on this and then click on PTC ad (You can do the offers, but PTC ads are what we’ve been doing). Click on the PTC ad you want do, complete the catptcha at the top of the page (select the upside down image), and you’re done.

FaucetHub List

Now that you understand the basics, I’m going to provide a list of additional FaucetHub Faucets you can try. The following are focused on high payouts:

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