Merchandizing Your E-Commerce Store for the Holiday Season

The holiday season can never come too soon. People start searching for “Christmas Gift Ideas” as early as August — well in advance of Christmas, which means you need to start planning now.

The first practical step is to create a holiday campaign calendar so you can define the perimeter for your effort. You don’t need to create big campaigns for all the upcoming holidays, unless you want to experience a meltdown somewhere around November. Consider you shop’s business and customers and make a decision regarding the holidays you want your shop to rule. The best shopping days in terms of online spending (non-travel spending) are Nov 26 — Dec 5 so not preparing for Christmas is not an option, right?
Use the Merchandizing tool you are working with to set up in advance the dates for the campaigns you want to run during the holiday season and start preparing materials:

1. Creating holiday banners takes time (everyone wants them and if you don’t plan for them in advance you might not find the right resource to create them for you in time.
Creating landing pages for your campaigns is highly effective in bumping up your conversion rate for the holiday season. Create separate landing pages for your leading product categories and create landing page campaigns for them (check out the Celebros Merchandizing tool for more information on how it’s done).

2. Scan your catalog and mark the product categories that will lead your holiday campaign. Make sure you are well stocked. Once that’s done it’s time to get creative and create new product sales categories (or Virtual Categories) and ensure the name you gave them captures non-product specific search terms, such as “toys under $50” or “Discount Toys Deals”, then put the matching products in these new categories.
Don’t forget to create category promotion campaigns for these categories since they will probably be leading your sales efforts for the holidays.

3. Holiday gift finders are popular and effective tools for shoppers who are overwhelmed by this yearly gift buying task. Anything you can do to bring great gift options to their attention without them being forced to dig, search and scrape is commendable. Ensuring the gift finder also takes into consideration the shopper’s desired price range is a cherry on a lovely cake.
You can create a Gift Finder for you home page that includes all your product categories and specialized Gift Finders for specific categories. Make sure these Gift Finders can be shared by your customers over social media. If it gets picked up as a cool holiday Gift Finder you aced it.

You can even consider gender specific Gift Finders to assist your customers, especially when it comes to shopping for kids toys, clothing, etc. You should also consider creating a holiday gift guide video that features your extra special holiday Virtual Product Categories you created. Videos drive engagement and people love sharing and linking to videos because they’re easier to consume.

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