Eminem’s Exotic Cars, Eminem Cars Collection — Rappers Cars. Eminem is an American rapper, record producer, and actor. Eminem is the best-selling artist of the 2000s in the United States. In this video we featured rapper Eminem’s Cars collection that will amazed you sure. Emimen, Eminem Cars, Eminem Cars Collection, Eminem Cars Collection 2016, Eminem Cars 2016, Eminem Cars Collection and House, Eminem Car Collection, Eminem Car Collection 2016, Cadillac Escalade, Ford Mustang, Hummer H2, Rappers Cars, Rappers Cars Collection, Celebrity Cars, The famous rap star Eminem owns a Cadillac Escalade which is the first light truck in the history of the Cadillac brand. He has a shining black Cadillac in which he is often spotted driving through. Cadillac is today one of the best-selling full-size luxury SUV. His car runs on the 6.2-liter V8 engine that delivers an imposing exhaust rumble and has six-speed automatic transmission handling the gearchanges. Although it’s a mini truck but the company has not compromised with the luxurious looks of the car. Eminem loves SUV more than sedan which is why most of the cars he owns are SUVs. Apart from owning a Cadillac he also owns a Hummer H2 that debuted in 2003. Many stars including Arnold, Lebron James and many others owns at least one. The production of Hummer H2 was stopped in 2009 because of some designing flaws. His car is powered by 6.0-liter V8 engine and has a six-speed automatic transmission. Eminem owned a Ford Mustang till 2003 when he sold it off online. His car was bought by multimillion-dollar heir Courtney Wittenberns and was again put on sale by her in 2007. This purple 1999 Ford Mustang convertible car was originally red in color and the star installed a R74 200 sound system as a customization. The multimillion-dollar heir Courtney Wittenberns heard about the auction while listening to Miami radio station and bid on eBay. What do you think about Eminem’s Cars? Watch Other Rappers Car Collection — Drake Cars Collection — https://youtu.be/gl09D6uveYQ 50 Cent Cars Collection — https://youtu.be/LBKgNWu9hx4 Birdman Cars Collection — https://youtu.be/DXMaXpPJmro Tyga Car Collection — https://youtu.be/TeCJbK4EWnE Thanks for watching. Please Subscribe our channel and connect with us on other social sites — Youtube- http://www.youtube.com/c/CelebritiesCarsCollection Facebook fan page- https:/www.facebook.com/Celebritiescarscollection/ Twitter- https://twitter.com/celebcarsstore Tumblr- http://ift.tt/2eWJu4H Background Music Credits: Title: DRIVE — Nicolai Heidlas Artist: NICOLAI HEIDLAS Track Link: https://goo.gl/4XCCYn Artist Soundcloud — http://ift.tt/1nbU6pE Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 http://ift.tt/15faYU2...

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