Top 3: Websites

Beginning this entry was difficult, because I realized that almost ALL websites I (would) go to, have apps. My life is basically spent using all these apps, throughout the whole day, wasting my time. However, there are still those special websites out there, wherein I personally choose to go to.

The Internet has already been a part of my life ever since I was young, but there was a limit to how long I was able to use it for. Nowadays, everything has changed and the use of apps is more convenient for people. In no particular order, the top 3 websites I visit would be:, and

Got it off of Google, which everyone uses more than actual websites is a new found favorite of mine. The website is generally a place wherein people can find inspiration, whether it is for art, music or more. There are thousands of pictures, and all I do is scroll and scroll, till I find something I like. Being a new favorite, I have not visited this site a lot, however, it seems like something that can be very helpful, especially since my course requires a lot of creativity.

This website’s interface is very simple, and that makes it quite easy to use. Also, it gives me a little space for my thoughts to be heard, since I hear silence while scrolling through this website. The best feature here, is the ability to save the photos I like, for future references.

I do recommend this to people, because it is just something everyone can relate to. Whether you’re a student, a frustrated artist, a mom, this website can resonate with anyone, and that makes it simply a good website. is just one of those sites I visit, when I want to learn about movie screenings in the cinemas. It is a guide for lifestyle and entertainment, but I personally use it for movies. Whenever a new movie is out, and I get curious and interested to watch it, I go to this site to see whether there is a convenient time in my location. Because of that, I tend to just use this site a couple of a times a month.

There are many features here. You may opt to create an account and sign in every time. I do not have one yet. Maybe, I should make one to see what benefits it may have. The categories for lifestyle and entertainment are divided so it is much easier to look for what you want. The voice I hear while going through this site, is of a young woman. It just seems like that voice fits such kind of a website.

This is also recommended for people who generally like to be entertained or to those who like to know things about lifestyle. is my go my to whenever I am doing almost all school related work. I believe that I speak English very well, however my vocabulary could do better. Instead of using the general ones found in Microsoft Word, I prefer visiting this website to find better words than the ones in my mind.

The look of the website is very simple. Once you open this site, it leads you to a search box, wherein you just type the word you want and find the synonyms. There is also a “word of the day” which is good, because I learn a new word every time I visit. Since I have a lot of school work that requires typing and written output, I would say that I visit this site quite a lot, every week.

I highly recommend this to all the students out there. This is like a friend who knows so many words, and who doesn’t want that?

This GIF represents me as I type this sentence. I did not expect to find websites that I use very often. I think that the growth of the Internet has created an impact on the websites I visit, and whether I need to visit them at all, because there is probably an app for it anyway.

My smartphone is probably what I use EVERY SINGLE TIME you see me, because it has all the apps I need. However, whenever necessary you do see me using a laptop, especially to visit these websites, since the screen is much bigger and therefore, easier to see and go through.

That is my top 3, websites edition. I do recommend all 3, since they are useful and also entertaining. Instead of just scrolling though the same apps on our phones, maybe we can give these a chance.