Plan Ahead

Recently I’ve been really motivated to move forward in my professional development. I sat amongst my peers in a conference room in Yapstone in their Walnut Creek office. We sat down with the Chairman of Yapstone and began to uncover some of his best kept secrets to getting that entry level job so many of us are trying to get ahold of. That’s when it hit me — I need to start like, yesterday. Sitting there I pulled out my beloved yellow notepad and by the end of our meeting I had three whole pages, front and back, of what I like to deem as my “six month plan”.

From now until I return back to Oxford for my last year of undergrad I’m making an effort to put myself in the best position possible. More specifically, I plan to draft out contacts and companies in various cities I want to be in after graduation. Of course I’m like every other girl with big dreams I want to move to New York City (because, um, duh). I’m starting now, so here are a few tips:

  1. Make a spreadsheet of the contacts name, email address, phone, company and positions offered you’re interested. Have it all in one place because sometimes emails get a little funky.
  2. Follow through! Make sure that you’re willing to work a little harder to get to where you want to go. Trust me — it will pay off!
  3. Always ask for advice. Anything that these people offer is better than nothing. Informational interviews are always a go to!

I’ve been also been looking for new ways to revamp my resume. I’ve made two creative ones already and am ready to making them. It’s a great way to show creativity, design and also makes you stand out! Don’t be afraid to try push your limits. Black and white resumes are so yesterday when you can add so many other elements to it. Find your favorite company and make a resume out of it! You never know what wonders you can find with the Internet.

Just remember to plan ahead! Make enough room for yourself to grow and thrive and to fulfill your goals.

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