Why You Want To Work At Chegg

When you think of Chegg.com, I know what your first thought is: textbook rentals. I mean, thats fair, as I’m sure many undergraduates make their way twice a year in hopes of snagging “bottom of the barrel” prices for books. How do I know this you ask? Well, I’m one of those undergraduates. But be advised…they are SO much more than just rentals (I’ll explain later). My visit to Chegg has to be my favorite company visit while living in the Bay Area. To be honest, there is one reason why I feel that way and I’ll be frank: their CEO. So what, theres lots of great companies with great CEO’s, theres more to Chegg than just their CEO, et cetera, et cetera. You may be right about that but truthfully Dan Rosenweig (CEO of Chegg) is top notch and has really made an impact.

Before I get into the details and conversations that panned out while visiting their Santa Clara office I’ll share why Chegg is more than just textbook rentals. Chegg serves as a student hub from high school through college. They have been able to cultivate an environment where students are able to learn, grow and thrive. They offer tutoring services, advisors, college planning, textbook rentals/purchases, and an overwhelming amount of support from partners who want to make sure students are taken care of. You have to give credit where credit is due and Chegg is the ultimate student hub and the only one of it’s kind that has gained so much success.

We arrived at the office and were met with interesting designs, workshop spaces and a ton of textbooks used as decor (low shock factor, I know). We were able to get a full tour of the two story beauty and all of it’s glory. There were a ton of spaces for innovation, brainstorming and meetings. Some fun facts: each conference room or work space is named after a university and they even have a camera in the lunch room to notify employees when lunch has arrived. I don’t know about you but I was already sold on the lunch camera itself. Although the facility offered other amenities — lets cut to the chase. You should work at Chegg because CEO Dan Rosenweig has made it more than just a company. He’s helping to transform it into a creative and supportive haven.

The company culture exudes camaraderie, passion, innovation, drive and so much more. Put it like this, I don’t even work there but being there made me feel good. They say if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. I know that theres possibility of living out that saying there. Dan has a wide network and is always making sure all are accounted for while he stretches himself to help in any way he can. The humbleness of a leader is truly appreciated. His leadership and tenacity helped curate the “Chegg Haven”.

He spoke life into us when we gathered around the long conference room table. He talked about a plethora of topics from family, marriage, business, success, failure, trials and tribulations. I have never felt completely sunken in my chair before. I was stuck, I couldn’t even fix my mind to concentrate on anything else. I scribbled three pages of notes and wrote down everything he said that stuck with me. “Danisms” are now embedded in my thoughts (and personal orange notebook) as a constant reminder(s).

“Luck versus fortune is simple. You have nothing to do with luck, you’re fortunate because you took risks and made it through.”

As any other 20 something year old, hearing those words from someone who is so successful, was humbling. Along with the quote above and the other 15 I scribbled somewhere, this stuck out to me the most. You have to go get whatever it is you want. You drive yourself, stretch beyond ability and rise to the ocassion. However, always remember to “Be authentic.”

It’s been almost a week since my visit and I am still in a state of awe. Dan Rosenweig is a leader, a father, a friend, a mentor, an inspiration to all young people. If reading this doesn’t inspire you to do some research on Chegg, let this be a reminder: You WANT to work at Chegg. While this company is only 10 years old there is still so much growth that it will endure. You want to be apart of that, you want to feel the feeling I had sitting across from Dan. I’ll never forget the meeting I was so fortunate to be in with him and I’ll always have faith that I could work at a place like Chegg.

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