5 Reasons You Will Quit Your Resolutions in 2 Weeks (and How to Fix it)

I know what you’re thinking….THIS year will be different. You will finally get your garage cleaned out, you will finally get out of debt, and you will finally lose that weight.

The truth of the matter is that change is internal, it’s a reworking of the way you think.

Most people change only when they hit rock bottom, or when their decisions start to negatively affect those they love.

So let me take you back to the last time (or times) you tried a diet, a weight loss supplement, or meal replacement, or even joined a gym. Did you end up losing the weight? Did you meet your goals? Most importantly, did you keep the weight off?

I’m going to go out on a limb and say probably not.

These are some of the reasons why you may have failed. But don’t worry, I’ll share with you how to fix it.

To make 2018 your best year, here are those reasons:

1. You Did Not Use a Partner to Keep You Accountable (Support System)

There are tons of studies out there that show that when someone feels like they have support, and aren’t trying to accomplish something alone, they are more successful, more driven, and stick to their goals more effectively.
 Solution: Find a workout buddy, join a group on social media that encourages healthy eating, or take a new class and make friends with similar goals.

2. You Went Out to Eat Too Much

In today’s world, we are always in a hurry. Always running to be on time and it’s just easier to eat out. I mean, who has time to make lunches? Well, not only did going out so often it affected your wallet, it got your farther and farther from your goal. I’ll buy your lunch if I’m wrong about this one (just kidding).

Solution: Prep your meals ahead of time. You’ve heard it again and again, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Planning your meals ahead with lean protein, veggies, and healthy carbohydrates will keep you from eating those Ramen noodles in your desk, or eating out of the vending machine.

3. Your Goals Were Vague And Had No Plan

When your goals are vague, your results will be vague. It’s easier to reach a goal when you have a clear vision. You probably did not have a specific plan. If you did, it probably sounded something like this, “I want to lose 10 pounds and I’m going to run/workout 3 times a week.”
 Solution: Make sure your goals are specific and trackable. If your goal is to lose weight, it needs to be specific. If the goal is vague, the results will be vague. Instead, make it to lose a pound a week, or lose two inches from your hips by the end of the month. That way you can do the math, and figure out what kind of calorie deficit you need to have, which you can split up into working out and cutting out dessert. If you’re not sure where to start or how to set a plan, find a professional. Click HERE to learn about the plans we offer.

4. You Did Not Track Your Progress

Did you keep track of your workouts? Did you keep track of your progress? Did you track your eating?

Solution: Measure your progress. Taking five minutes at the end of each week to review your progress and plan ahead how to change for the next week will ensure compliance. A few minutes devoted to this each week will help you to determine what strategies are working for you. For example, maybe you’re a morning person and working out in the morning is better for your schedule? Maybe your mornings are too crazy and would rather work out at night. Did you find new recipes that you love that make it easier to eat more healthy? Take the time to find what works for you and keep doing it. One more tip, write about how you feel when trying a new strategy. This will help you listen to your body and find what makes you feel good. After all, this is to make you feel better, right?

5. You Did Not Create Habits

We do a lot of things in life as habits, this is why we are good at some things. Maybe you’re an engineer and are good at problem-solving. Maybe you’re good at public speaking. All of these skills were developed through habits and practice.

Solution: Don’t wait until tomorrow. Start right this second. In between checking your email, drink a big glass of water, do 10 pushups, or take your dog for a walk. Little changes over the long haul are what lead to the biggest results. No matter where you start, if you develop and cultivate the habits necessary to obtain your goals, you will reach your goals. If you goal is to be a powerlifter, and every day you eat, drink, and train like a powerlifter, that is EXACTLY what you will become. Let powerful habits drive you.

Now that you are motivated and inspired. Let’s make a plan. Let’s start now. Let’s do it right this time. Let’s use all the tools we need to make this 2018 your best year.

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You’ve got this!