What It’s Really Like Inside of a Morgue

Have you ever wondered what it’s like inside a morgue? You’ll “meet” some of the most interesting people on this planet and they won’t even say a word to you.

Conversely, the people who work in a morgue are some of the most well-educated, warmest people with dark humor you could ever hope to meet. All of this and more…

The Smell

First of all, the thing people ask me the most about my time is the smell. True Crime authors have spent hours searching the internet, scouring forums, and asking hardened detectives about the smell of decaying human remains. It is precisely what they say…sickly sweet, overwhelming, and there is nothing else that smells quite like it. It is a scent that lingers on your clothes, hair, and skin if you let it.

“I See Dead People”

When new cases are wheeled into the morgue, there are always a few things done (1) an external examination, (2) an inventory, and sometimes (3) a full or partial autopsy. This is where you can see the consequences (good and bad) of the decisions made throughout life.

Perhaps a call comes into the morgue mentioning a decedent who needs to be place on a suped up table rated for 500+ pounds (we only had one of those and sometimes it wasn’t enough).

Perhaps you get a call from a parent who is looking for their child and the best place they can think to start is the morgue due to the child’s lifestyle choices.

Both of these happened and more! More interestingly on a scientific and psychological level is actually seeing the figurative compulsive nights of binge eating chips and ice cream, living a sedentary life, watching Netflix and movies. Seeing the yellow layer of fat, almost the consistency of oily banana pudding, surrounding organs, and beneath the surface of the skin.

On the flip side, I saw decedents who were three times my age, more muscular, with super strong and dense bones. Their ligaments tough, but flexible, having propelled their muscles through who knows how many weddings, funerals, walks around the block, and cuddles with their loved ones.

All of this is a reminder that life is an amazing temporary gift, and the decisions you make today definitely have their consequences. If not today, definitely soon.

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