Your Body is Amazing

You CAN indeed walk away from Father time.

My education is in watching exercise and seeing the physiological changes it produces in the body. No matter how old you are when you start, the body responds the same was to exercise stimulus.

If you lift weights and get sore, eventually, your body heals and the muscles become bigger and stronger (based on the type of stimulus, of course!). If you start running regularly, your body responds by improving oxygen uptake rates, increasing your vO2 max, and making your heart rate work more effectively, thus reducing blood pressure and your resting heart rate.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, or for how long you have been sedentary, these changes happen on their own.

With older people, “risks of developing major cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, obesity, falls, cognitive impairments, osteoporosis and muscular weakness are decreased by regularly completing activities ranging from low intensity walking through to more vigorous sports and resistance exercises.”

Regular training can also help with depression, time management, and even boost your energy levels. It boosts your self-confidence, your ability to set and chase goals, increases blood flow to the brain, and decreases your risk for many diseases. It can also produce the feeling of the “runner’s high” (more on this coming later…there’s some new information out there)!

No matter what you have been doing, no matter what surgeries, injuries, or life circumstances you have, you can change. Your body will adapt and you will feel and look better.

There is no better time to start. Today is Monday, and you should take advantage of this fresh start!

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You’ve got this!