It’s like you can’t see the difference between love and lust, a want and a need.

I don’t blame you.

It all becomes an obscure blur when you drown in the abyss that is your mind. You wonder, you seek, you cry out. Nothing but the echoes of your dying naivety; nothing but your struggling morality, your damaged willpower, your chains.

How can you truly be free when you are being constricted? You’re reminded that it shouldn’t be legalistic, but you know in your heart that that’s all that is to you. It’s never been the same for anyone else.

Maybe that’s just what they hoped you thought, anyway.

Maybe that’s what they never told you, so that you’d be stuck where you are, drowning in what you think are obstacles that you’ve desolately been grappling with.

You just wanted the truth. You just wanted to see the world for what it really was.

You were never given the chance.

And now you’re lost, but God forbid you let anyone trample on your vulnerability.

You’re pushed to conformity, pushed to follow. It’s the easiest way out, for sure.

Just do what you’re told!

You’ve heard that a thousand times growing up, but you know what?


You're not a fucking child anymore.

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