When Beliefs and Actions Collide
Sing Young Lien

As a communication designer, i found your article very interesting Faith!

I have questions for you. So creating designs that are in harmony/balance, that stay away from conflicting messages, reduces dissonance? and every Every inconsistency in your design will increase dissonance right? So, this would happen a lot in branding. I think it would be beneficial for your article to provide an example of a brand or a service that us as consumers struggle with during the purchasing process since you talk a little about purchasing decisions in the first paragraph after “Using Cognitive Dissonance as a Marketing Tool”. Also I read something about the Ben Franklin effect (in cognitive dissonance) and how that related to social media. How most of us shy away from asking people to help us out, by retweeting, sharing posts, etc. We think people will view us negatively because we are asking them for a favor. That could be a good example.

Overall great article! It kept me really engaged. Cheers!

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