Notes on Reading Martina’s Kitchen Mix | My Recipe Playlist for Real Life

I purchased this cookbook after seeing Martina on a show preparing her Chipolte Sauce, since I love chipolte sauce I decided to check this out. (it is really good). I love a good cook book and this one didn’t disappoint. The photo’s are well done and the memories and song list are a nice addition.
Being a Northener, I am always interested in good Southern Cooking, within an hour of receiving this book, I had already book marked 10 recipe’s the Country Fair Orange Cake was the first I tried, It was a hit with my co-workers.

Everything from the Sausage Cheese Dip to the Mush recipes are easy to follow, and should be helpful to anyone from beginner to advanced cooks.
The drinks look delicious and I will definitely be trying them over the coming holiday season. If your looking for a new twist on your go to recipe’s give this book a try!

Many of the cookbooks put out by celebrities are more of an exercise in vanity and ego-stroking, focusing on “look at how wonderful my life is” instead of being a cookbook. This book is delightfully different — author McBride does talk just a little bit about herself and her life some, but more in humble terms, and she presents a down-home menu of good southern-style food that is not beyond the reach of most home cooks. There’s on important flaw in this otherwise good cookbook — there’s a complete index at the end but there’s a skeleton table of contents.

Martina’s Kitchen Mix

Like and good cookbook, this one is broken down into logical chapters. These include “Breakfast and Brunch”, “Cocktails and Appetizers”, “Salads”, “Soups and Sandwiches”, “Main Courses”, “Side Dishes”, and “Desserts”. There are more chapters too that include add-ons like sauces, a suggested meal menu as well as a metric conversion chart. All of these are listed like this in the table of contents, but none of them have the recipes listed there. You either need to find the recipes in the index at the back of the book (which requires knowing what you’re looking for) or simply turning to the chapter and then searching for what you want. This is really the only flaw I have found in this book, and it makes finding what you want less convenient.

One of the problems I have seen with celebrity cookbooks is that the recipes are not appropriate for the home cook. This cookbook is different in that regard. Very few of the recipes require odd ingredients that are hard to find or are super-expensive. More importantly, though, is that most of the recipes make something the average home cook would actually want to make in the kitchen. Cheddar Biscuits with Bacon is one of the first recipes in the book — something I absolutely plan to make! A new favorite in the house is Broccoli and Cauliflower Salad, which is reminiscent of church pot luck meals to me. And don’t miss the Fresh Apple Cake, with or without the caramel sauce.

Other than the sparse table of contents, this is a very good southern style cookbook with some great recipes inside. The title does not really sell it as a southern cookbook, though if you are familiar with the author it’s a foregone conclusion.

Martina McBride describes herself as an advanced cook that doesn’t follow a cookbook, and I describe myself that way also. For me, getting a cookbook will give me ideas and I may follow a recipe or two, but mostly I find cookbooks to be inspiring.

Martina’s Kitchen Mix is a nice hardback book with pictorial cover. The book is part memoir and diary, and part cookbook with recipes in several areas. I actually like the cocktail recipes — grapefruit margarita caught my eye. I love risotta and there is a recipe in this book for asparagus, peas, and basil risotto — a must try for me.

Pot roast and gravy is a good recipe for the beginning cook. No-bake peanut butter chocolate cookies look yummy. I’ll make them soon.

Overall, this is a very pretty, colorful, and inspiring cookbook by a country singer. As the weather cools down and I spend more time in the kitchen, I’ll be leafing through this book for inspiration.

I thought this was an average cook book full of recipes that I have seen other places. It didn’t seem too fresh at all. This would be perfect for a working mom as the recipes aren’t too complicated but definitely are pleasing for a family. I enjoyed the pumpkin cornbread but the recipe for cinnamon honey butter has been around for quite some time. The recipe for green beans with goat cheese and warm bacon dressing looks delicious and I am going to try at the next family gathering.

I wish there had been an index at the back of the recipes so you could just flip to it and look up cornbread instead of trying to remember what section it was in and then having to locate it. It’s a great touch that I used to in most cookbooks.

Still if you are looking for comfort family food that doesn’t require much time or effort, you will find some good recipes.