How to become healthy through pictures

I’m going to let my total geek-out side come out now. Infographics are the freaking bomb. It’s like a brain-dump of information but in cool-easy-to-read-entertaining form. Basically I can become a mega-genius in any topic ever thanks to infographics. So, here are 5 infographics that will allow mega-genius powers to be bestowed upon you. You’re welcome.

    (I loaf (love?) carbs…)

THIS IS SO AMAZING. Let me tell you why. Most people don’t even realize that complicated, or in this case complex, can be good! Of course don’t waste your time on a complicated relationship that isn’t going anywhere, but instead carb up on these complex goodies! Basically this bad boy is saying to eat carbs that don’t spike your blood sugar and leave you hanging (drowsy, tired, hungry faster) but instead chow-down on carbs that release energy throughout the day and leave you feeling fuller longer! I didn’t even realize that fettuccine noodles have a lower glycemic index than brown rice, making it a “better carb” according to this chart. Pasta night, anyone?

2. “HOW TO MAINTAIN A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE” (side note: I’ve googled this a million times and I’m still trying to master this one… and I’m an Exercise Science Major *insert face-palm*)

The 4 key factors: sleep (my favorite), eating good foods (also, my favorite), cardio (learning to be my favorite), and strength training (more of a favorite than running). Lucky for us Mormon folk — if you don’t know what that means click here — we have the “other key factors” section down. We’re told not to smoke or drink alcohol. We’ve (hopefully) got that in the bag. For the record, I would like to add that all sorts of hard-drugs fit into the “mmmm, better not” category.
Sleep: 6–8 hours / make a sleep schedule if you have to / exercise helps tucker you out
Nutrition: eat enough!!!! / 3 meals plus 2–3 snacks / lean proteins, healthy fats, LOTS OF VEGGIES PEOPLE, whole foods / don’t eat something you can’t pronounce
Cardio: aim for time, not distance / try to burn 500 calories each session / do something you love / Hawaii is perfect for hiking, swimming, surfing, biking, dancing… pretty much everything
Strength Training: 2–3 hours per week / 3–4 sets / 10–20 reps / girls, you won’t get bulky / guys, girls want you bulky
Get Outside. 20 minutes / sunblock / get your tan back3.

Depression sucks. Oh, say it louder for the person in the back? Depression sucks. A lot. Here’s something that might help ease some hard days.

No one likes pills. Eh, that’s not true. I don’t like pills. Now, you could very well counter that with you don’t like exercise. Touché. But, exercise is honestly the best. There’s never a time when I workout where I have regretted it, unless we’re talking about a couple days after leg-day. That’s a different story. Exercise is a miracle worker. It single handedly protects against heart disease, lowers blood pressure, boosts mood (who doesn’t want to be happier?), improves immunity, lowers disease risk, boosts strength, and a bajillion other things. But, if this is still too much all at once I understand. “Just getting outside can boost mood.” Sunshine is one of the best doctors. Take a little stroll in nature and hopefully you’ll feel even just a little bit freer and happier. You got this.

Where’s the Dos Equis guy when you need him? “Stay thirsty my friends.”

DRINK UP. Stay hydrated, please. I cannot emphasize this enough. Water is 70% of you. Act like it. I am a hypocrite and I’m aware of it. I’m probably dehydrated 82% of the time and feeling like I just was re-born out of the Sahara desert. Not cute. Water helps your gut, your skin feel hydrated, increases energy, flushes toxins, natural headache remedy, prevents cramps and sprains, the list goes on and on. Hopefully this phrase will help you know if you’ve had enough water: Clear pee is the way you want to be. Drink up ;)

Forrest Gump was on to something.

Just in 5–10 minutes of running, you reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack.
In 20 minutes your telomeres are helped out and alter your DNA for the better. It helps with preventing type II diabetes, too.
30 minutes a day helps with weight loss and physical fitness. Woot woot.
60 minutes helps you keep burning calories throughout the day and is a huge metabolic boost. Also, props to you if you run for an hour. Running is hard. I try to run because I want to like it. Same with tomatoes. I eat them because I want to be a person who likes to eat tomatoes. Weird, I know.

Eat your complex carbs (not complicated). Sleep. Eat good. Run. Lift. Repeat. Get outside. Remember to smile. Drink lots of agua. And try to run, even if you don’t like it. Also I hope you read this, even if you didn’t like it. Stay healthy, happy, and remember “clear pee is the way you want to be.” ooxxooXoXXx Celeste