Hello friends! Like a vote, a voice, and a brushstroke, process is a mark of agency. If you’ve followed my artwork at all these past few years, you know that I love to share process with people- as a mode of transparency, encouragement and even empowerment for others! Today, following a month that has been to me a celebration of a degree of political agency and a reflection on what agency means to begin with, I’d to share my process with you over something that falls under my definition of empowerment.

Four years ago, I drafted up a design of an organization that I felt embodied my values, giftings, and calling. Something seemed “right” about this, and since then each major choice that I have made has been in line with this still somewhat ephemeral “thing” in mind. It’s why I took a job in camp administration, went to ministry school and around the world with a heart for relationship and positive kids’ programming. It is also now bringing me deeper into my own creative practice through graduate school in art! Well, this General Thing isn’t cutting it anymore and it’s time to get to the details and dream more explicitly!

As an artist, I have the space to develop a practice of multiple modalities- for example, a painting practice, a digital practice, a teaching practice, a social practice. This is my social practice. The blueprints that I have toyed with since that first year are substantially more complex — even different — than the one pictured here. However, the core components of discovering and developing agency through creativity remain at the heart. I am sharing this with you because I need accountability to go out and complete the fullness of what I was made to do with joy, lacking nothing! As I develop my graduate thesis and body of work, I will concurrently be working out another iteration of my design for this organization- one that encompasses all I have learned about who I am and where I am called since that first draft four years ago.

I would love to invite you all, those of you who I know well and perhaps even those I do not, into this process with me! Prayer is one of my highest values, and I need a system of support to intentionally cover me as I walk through this. I will be focusing primarily on finishing school for the next couple of years, but quietly working on organization planning in my free time. I value any insight into potential grants, fellowships, or benefactors for the years to come! I will need connections, prayer partners, plenty of love and definitely a lot of coffee. This is a vulnerable and exciting season of making and forming, and I hope to share it with as many people as possible!

If you would like to partner with me in any of these capacities, or even just knowing what I am up to, go ahead and click through to this sign-up list to my newsletter. You’ll also find options for ways to connect- but you can just message me if you want to talk! Let’s chat about how we can use our power to partner with the heavenly things of life, hope, and love.

This was my very first logo design, attached to my very first ministry model! Not too bad for a novice, huh?