A New Appreciation for the Team
Team RWB Daytona

I was super excited to try this adventure. I joked with my friend that since it was so cold if we had to jump in the water we were going AWOL. Before the event someone made a comment about perishable things , one of them being love. That stick out with me the whole time. Here the group was working together. Taking a Saturday to freeze, walk , and carry heavy things. There had to be some love there for something. The team ? The mission ? The leaders ? Each other ? The return trip went much smoother and faster. Everyone worked together to accomplish the task. Teamwork and cooperation prevailed. I thought there are young men and women who do this every day for me. For us. The military loves America so much they make big sacrifices. And carry a heavy load for more than just a Saturday afternoon. The the only perishable this day was my food wrapper. The comraderie will always be a memory for me. In its own way , love prevailed.

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