How to Pick a Lucky Business Name Based on Numerology

When you are starting a new business, you need to get rid of all the apprehensions about the turn of events in the future. In order to be sure about the future success, you can always depend on numerology. The first thing that you will do before starting a business is deciding on the name of the business. This can be done on the basis of principles of numerology if you want your business to progress and prosper. For this, you can consult Celestial Space India, which is run by the best numerologist in Bangalore, Sneha Parihar.


Let us understand the process of selecting a lucky business name based on numerology:

  • You begin the process by finding your life path number based on the below-given chart.

Add up the alphabets in your name including your initials. You will get a two digit number. By adding these two numbers you will get your life path number.

  • You can select the business name accordingly by deciding your strengths and weaknesses.
  • As a takeaway, there are certain numbers in numerology which can elevate any business that you may start. 1, 9 and 5 are such numbers which account for the first ten business names on the list of most successful businesses.
  • Similarly, number 8 is a highly risky number for a business name as it requires a lot of guts and preparation to excel with 8.
  • If your business name has a combination of 2 and 7, they will draw strong cosmic energies to your business.
  • A business name having a combination of 33 proves to be highly lucky as long as your life path number is 6.

By using the above tips, you can choose the perfect business name based on numerology and cross the various business hurdles with ease. For a deeper understanding, you can avail the best numerology reading services like Celestial Space India