Day 2: My Experience in Andela boot camp

JavaScript Object Notation (JSON, is indeed the future. The first I studied how to consume a web Application Programming Interface (API) was during my industrial training in 2013. Then, data from the API was received as Extensive Markup Language (XML) using technology called SOAP.

I scarcely use API, primarily because I have not been in need of an external web package. After today’s exercise, I realise the importance of shipping some part of an application requirement to a trusted third party agent. I did a lot of research on building Command Line Interface (CLI) application, http event and JSON.

Processing a JSON file requires an in-depth knowledge of its schema. I learnt how to accept a JSON file, loop through it and grab attributes needed. I also study how to create web API with node and it was fun.

Henceforth, I would try not to reinvent the wheel but use trusted API and makes my application faster. I dislike the fact that my application would depend on a third party application without serious legal commitment. As I was testing my script, a question crossed my mind; ‘what is your fate if this API is not reachable or is permanently down’; I began to think of a backup plan. The Code lab exercise was cool, I did not rush into writing code; I learnt to build the algorithm first.