5 Google Ads Insights To Help You Save Right Now

2022 Google Ad Tested & Proven Strategies.

Online ad costs rose an estimated 20–30% in Q3 2021 and the Holidays tend to be the most expensive time of year for them. For many businesses, running ads are a-must during November — January because sales during this period can make or break their entire business that they’ve been working so hard at all year.

2021 has been even more complicated with Facebook’s (now Meta’s) iOS changes & FB Ad costs going up. What used to be an average $5 per lead is now $15–20 per lead. As a result, more entrepreneurs have been turning to Google Ads this year to explore new marketing channels in their business and help make up for lost leads.

Here are 5 tested & proven Google Ad tips to stand out and have you start saving on ad costs right now:

Tip #1 — Google Image Extensions

Leverage Google Ad’s newest extension feature, Image Extensions! They are completely free to set up and on average you can expect to see a 5–20% increase in click rate across all accounts ranging from course creators, service-based business & small- large businesses. Google likes to reward good CTR’s with lower cost-per-click costs so be sure to give them a try.

Tip #2 — Show Your Face

Don’t be shy to show your face, because it works. With Google Image Extensions you can add up to 20 images per campaign and Google will rotate them in. Don’t just add images of products and services you offer, also add faces, such a smiling CEO, employees or a customer. Faces tend to outperform products images time again for such as for Ads Like A Pro™ Academy student & owner of CNRA Prep School, Jenny.

Google Image Ad Example From Ads Like A Pro™ Academy Student

Tip #3 — Use Ads To Promote Your Top Products

Leverage your historical analytics to find and promote top performing products. This can be from your Shopify Store, Google Analytics or internal data. You can be successful with running ads to a single product using a small set of keywords such as Ads Like A Pro™ student & female founder Annie of Next Level Daily, who sells productivity planners for people with ADHD.

Save money on your paid ads by only running ads to your post profitable products, your historical analytics data can help you uncover them.

Tip #4 — Test Numbers in your Ads, especially the Year

By adding “2021” or “2022” in the Headline of the ad copy, you can increase CTR by +5–30%. This type of new ad copy has been surpassing traditional best performing ads across Google Ad campaigns. Stand out by testing the year in your copy!

Firewards.com Email Referral Tool Ad Copy With Year

Tip #5 — Test Free Ad Placements

If you sell physical products and are thinking of running ads but just don’t have the budget, you can set up free Google Shopping Listing by creating a free Google Merchant Center and Google Ads accounts. If you’re already running Google Paid Shopping Ads and not free listings, consider this as your sign to opt-in them to help you save on ad spend.

About — Celi has managed over 1 Billion in ad spend over the last 10+ years for leading brands & the world’s largest ad agency. She is now the the Founder of AdsLikeAPro.com Academy, the first of its kind program to help coach entrepreneurs how to successfully run their own Ads internally to save on agency costs & reduce the learning overwhelm. She runs Fractional CMO services through her boutique agency GrowthMarketingPartners.com .

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Founder AdsLikeAPro.com Academy & GrowthMarketingPartners.com | Growth Marketing, Business Strategy, Google Ads, Search Engines. Over 1 Billion in Ad Spend.

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Celi R. Stücken

Celi R. Stücken

Founder AdsLikeAPro.com Academy & GrowthMarketingPartners.com | Growth Marketing, Business Strategy, Google Ads, Search Engines. Over 1 Billion in Ad Spend.

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