#TimesUp, but academia hasn’t noticed.

Caroline Fredrickson for The Atlantic: “When the relationship with a mentor goes wrong, when a parent figure becomes a predator, a career can go up in flames. The thesis advisor, or the chair of the department who’s making decisions on tenure or advancement, has a unique power to destroy a woman’s future.”
Tyann Sorrell, speaking about UC Berkeley’s treatment of her sexual harassment case against Dean Sujit Choudhery: “It was a slap on the wrist for him, and a slap on the face for me. I know I was expendable.”
Berkeley professor of astronomy Aaron Parsons describing the process of filing sexual harassment complaints against colleague Geoff Marcy: “We did work within the system, but the system failed us too.”
Berkeley professor John R. Searle to Joanna Ong, Berkeley graduate and consultant for the John Searle Center for Social Ontology: “American Imperialism? That sounds great, honey! Let’s go to bed and do that right now.”




Neuroscience PhD student @ UC Berkeley. www.celiadoesscience.com.

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Celia Ford

Celia Ford

Neuroscience PhD student @ UC Berkeley. www.celiadoesscience.com.

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